March 14, 2013 – Thursday

Shane Koyczan – TED Talk “To This Day”... for the Bullied and Beautiful… “If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there’s something inside you that make you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.”

TED Talks are GREAT INSPIRATIONAL TALKS that can add a great deal to your day.


Collaboration and Sketchbooks – THIS WEEK we will be having a 5 minute conversation about the collaborative PEER / SELF Evaluation regarding your sketchbooks for the week. 10 minute before class ends, we will pair up with someone NEW and Self / Peer evaluate – and then hand them in!

What is the benefit of sharing your sketchbook with your classmate? How can you learn to speak about your own sketches and ideas? How can you share your ideas with others?


Art Foundations: Continue to work on 2 point perspecitve.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water”. This place WAS a house and is NOW a tourist attraction. where have you seen this place before.


  1. 1.2 create 2 point perspective cantilevers that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the 1.2.3 processes you use to create a cantilever.

Review with neighbors the process of drawing in 2 point perspective. Where did you have problems with your drawing from yesterday? What parts of the process are you REALLY struggling with? What are you going to HAVE to review on your own for?


Drawing: Photographs and update of the Rubric / Template for this Still Life Figure Drawing. What do you need to remember to do in order to do this successfully?

Homework for Monday – go to the Google Drive: Create a NEW DOCUMENT: Under FILE; NEW; FROM TEMPLATE – Look up KORB and then use the: Korb Evaluation Rubric Template ORIGINAL. Change the name to: HOUR Last Name Paper Figure Drawing – Try this otherwise HERE.

This is a closed composition… why is this a closed composition? What is your drawing doing that this one is also doing? What has this artist done to successdully create the look of the crumpled paper?


  1. 2.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of your artwork – MID CRIT – CLASS TOGETHER – Work on texture / chiaroscuro drawings – still life (define still life).

Write out one thing that has really struck you about the drawings you saw in front of you today. BE SPECIFIC and THINK ABOUT YOUR OWN WORK ALSO. This is IMPORTANT in how you reflect on the work you do and the choices you make.


AP Studio Art: Continue to work on the BODY of work you are creating – continue to explore the GROWTH i n your work. DRAW – CREATE – MAKE ART!

Are you working TOO hard? Thinking TOO much? Approching each piece as though it HAS to be a masterpiece? Hope not… sometimes you just need to MAKE ART.


  1. Technology Operations and Concepts – Update your AP Central Site… Review of the upload site.
  2. 1.3 communicate ideas clearly – ARE YOU? Do you have a clear understanding of the ideas you are communicating?

What has been happening in your work that FITS with your statements? How can you continue to think about the statement you have written and refresh your ideas?

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