Plein Air Painting


SLIDESHOW HERE! Plein Air 2016 – Come Join the Class

Plein Air Summer Studio

Plein Air Painting is the practice of taking the act of painting out of doors and working with the natural environment, landscape, weather, wind, and time in the community. Landscape paintings tend to be the main focus of the practice historically and will be the main focus in our course. Architecture paintings and preliminary drawings as well as informal and formal critiques, peer to peer and teacher to student, will also be an important portion of the course work. Beginning with studying the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements and carrying through to more contemporary practices will help students see the art historical relationship plein air painting has to art making, history, and more importantly to their lives. The course will consist mainly of painting in and around the Waterford area but may also include field trips to other areas in and around southeastern Wisconsin. Acrylics and watercolors will be the medium used so to make the experience easier in the transportation of materials. Construction of canvas stretchers and the stretching of watercolor paper will also be a portion of the preliminary practices behind the painting process.

Plein Air Painting would be a 3 hour block, four (4) days a week, four (4) weeks total for a total of 40+ hours of studio time. Exhibition in the community of the works will also be worked into the courses completion.

ALSO – We are looking to take a day trip to the Taliesin Campus in Spring Green Wisconsin this summer. Home of and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright!


Questions can be directed to Frank Korb at

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