Umbrella Standards

  1. Planning / Ideation: Student Artists will problem solve and experiment through a variety of means (sketches, personal photographs, collages, conversations) to develop a unique and personal plan including composition, concept and technique. Student’s solutions will use their own knowledge, intuition, personal interests, and experiences to develop ideas for artwork.
  2. Concept: Student Artists will create art that visually express ideas and examine a variety of themes (emotions, stories, social commentary, narrative, technique, etc). Students will research, investigate and utilize their knowledge, intuition, traits, and experiences to develop artwork that explores and expresses their approach and intent.
  3. CompositionStudent Artists will design and develop engaging works of art through the organization and use of the elements and principles of art and design. Materials and techniques will amplify both the expressive quality of the work as well as the overall design.
  4. Craftsmanship: Student Artists will carefully construct their work through purposeful use of materials and techniques. They will work towards a sense of mastery through the use of both experimental and traditional techniques.  Students will use a growth mindset to consistently develop, refine, and produce quality work.
  5. Techniques: Student Artists will develop and refine a tool box of skills and approaches utilizing a variety of media through practice, demonstrating their knowledge and acquired skills in finished works. They will use both traditional and experimental processes as indicated by the goals of the project or individual work.
  6. Studio Habits:Student Artists will develop the habits and practices of successful and productive artists: purposeful use of studio time, responsible and careful use of media and tools, consistent proactive reflection, collaborative interactions with others, persistence and grit to grown beyond supposed limitations, detailed observations of the subtleties of things.
  7. Critique: Student Artists will consistently reflect on and communicate about both theirs and others works to better understand the purposes of art as well as develop content literacy. Through the use of ongoing formal and informal reflection and assessment students will describe, analyze, interpret and revise works in order to grow towards mastery.
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