Classes 2021 – 2022

  • A Day
  • Block 1: Intro to Painting
  • Block 2: PREP
  • Block 3: Intro to Digital Art and Photography
  • Block 4: Enrichment
  • Block 5: Art Foundations
  • B Day
  • Block 1: PREP
  • Block 2: Intro to Digital Art and Photography
  • Block 3: Art Foundations
  • Block 4: Enrichment
  • Block 5: Art Foundations

Korb’s Interactive Handbook (Read Only)

Frank Korb is an artist and educator who has been teaching since 1996 in the public schools of WI. Korb’s art work includes portraits, plein air landscapes, and abstract geometry. He is a member of the National Art Education Association, the Wisconsin Art Education Association, and Milwaukee Artist Resource Network.

Korb’s exhibitions include a variety of galleries and art spaces throughout WI and have included group and solo exhibitions, art happenings, fundraisers, and lectures. He has presented at numerous state and national conferences on technology and standards based grading.  Korb’s works are held in numerous public and private collections nationally and internationally.

Mr. Korb and Russell – 2019 Waterford 7+ Summer Art Classes.

2 Replies to “Classes 2021 – 2022”

  1. Hey Korb! Just letting ya know everyone at wuhs is missing you. Even though I graduated last year you were my favorite teacher. I hope your doing good at your new job!

    Shane Plaman

    1. Shane… Thanks for the note. I appreciate the thoughts. You were great to have in the studios and I hope you’re doing well. The new school is great but of course I miss the kids I am not able to see this year. My new kids are wonderful though. New spaces, new faces. Thanks care of yourself Shane and thanks for thinking of me. Frank

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