Abstracting in Art through Observation

Here is the first half of a project about using observation and real life drawing skills to look at and make changes to recognizable objects and locations. We will follow up with a painting unit in Art Foundations class – but here you go to enjoy! Thanks. – Frank

Watercolor Techniques, the Color Wheel, and Color Scheme Videos NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s been a lot of work coming up with NEW VIDEOS to help in the PANDEMIC LADEN WORLD of ART EDUCATION.

Below are THREE (3) to help the process of 1) Watercolor Techniques, 2) the Color Wheel, and 3) Color Schemes.

Thanks and Enjoy!


Acrylic Painting: Art With Korb

Looking to take up some acrylic painting? Look at my previous post and this video for some guidance and direction.


To curb the challenges of COVID 19, let’s learn to PAINT!

I picked up this series of exercises a number of years ago and have been using them religiously in class. If you’ve got an interest in painting… here is what we are going to be working through. Acrylic Painting Techniques. Click on the links for further instructions.

Questions, comments, concerns – drop me a line!


About a month of no posts… Thanks for the patience.

Hard to believe that this site was populated DAILY for YEARS and now… not as much. The pandemic has truly changed the way the world works. In person this was the place to begin classes. Now. Google Classroom and a very thorough Google Document of Lesson Plans has been the launching pad.

Thank you parents for working to help keep the kids engaged as we work to do the same. Thank you students for showing up (screens off in more cases than not but…) and trying SO hard to stay engaged. It is tough. I hear you. Thank you teachers for continuing to demonstrate the care and concern for all the kids you are seeing – virtually or in real life.

Thank you all.

What have WE been up to? Still Life Drawings, Collages, Watercolors, Digital Portraits and Photographs… and THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF AP ART HISTORY.


Staying One Day Ahead of the Kids Can Leave Me WEEKS Behind in Posts

That is the state of this site for now. The virtual classes are keeping the mind away from the posting of what’s been happening. Things are moving forward well however. A lot of drawing being done, a lot a TON of Art History being covered, and the ideas of a series of works is something that my students are either understanding or have at least experienced.

A small Art Foundations Demonstration of Shadows…

Books and watercolor paintings have been the focus of the Painting class and while we begin collage today… the series of paintings has given them a larger grouping of works that they should be proud of. I hope the books come to e on Thursday.

Digital Arts and Photography have made 36 (or more) solid photographs that have explored the ideas of the Elements and Principles of Art and Design as well as ways in which COMPOSITION dominates the work we do.

Art Foundations has DRAWN and DRAWN and DRAWN… and now we begin a drawing. Our first still life as we study the work of Giorgio Morandi. Sketches and thumbnails and techniques have abounded!

APAH – AHHHHH! Thousands of years in 6 weeks. I need to plan a test now.

Thank you for all the Arts Support. I wish I had kids work to share right now but the works are not in hand yet… Here is a drawing of mine from Art Foundations… the kids are just as nice.

Stay Safe – Mask Up – 6 Feet!


And We’re Virtual…

As with most predictions for many school districts, the SDFA has gone virtual for a while now. We will be operating from our classrooms or homes and the education will continue. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate the time we spend and the importance we place on our own education. Think about that opportunity. It is going to be a difficult transaction for sure for some, but as we have all been saying since the beginning – we are all in this together.


What does it look like? We MUST be in our classes. It is MANDATORY to be here. You MUST be attending class through the ZOOM platform (or whatever your teacher is using). BE THERE.

A class schedule will be going out so keep an eye on the email.

My classes will run the SAME AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE! We have a lot to do and the time we have will be the same. Begin in the Google Classroom and work from the DAILY ASSIGNMENT PAGE! Find the right date and go from there.

Art Foundations: VALUE SCALES and Mark Making

Digital Art and Photography: The Compositional Approach to making Photographs – Photos and the Google Presentation Research Project

Painting: Plein Air – Go Outside and PAINT!

AP Art History: The Ancient Mediterranean and the like – I am working HARD and FAST to get this going smoothly.

Questions, Comments, Concerns… EMAIL ME!

Here are a couple of ART FOUNDATIONS videos to help entertain you and tech you about the use of a RULER and the application of VALUES!

Stay Safe – Mask Up – Register to Vote! (National Voter Registration Day!)


Welcome to Week 3 and Monday is Back to School Night!

Welcome back to school and to week 3. It’s about time that ALL of us are now in the midst of making and learning about the making of art.

  • Art Foundations is getting into the creation of our Art Elements and Principles Art Trading Cards.
  • Intro to Digital Art and Photography are also working on the ideas of the Elements and Principles with a photography unit of the same nature.
  • Intro to Painting is developing some techniques in watercolors and then we are off to the outdoors to paint a series of works based on the practice of Plein Air (out of doors) painting.
  • Finally – AP Art History is going back in time to 26,000 BCE to study the Paleolithic and Mesolithic time periods as we look into where humanity and the arts all started from.

Monday night is Back to School Night and from 5:30 – 7:30 PM parents and students alike are welcome to visit me via ZOOM and see the inside of my home studio and ask questions about the courses we have to offer.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you have a great week. Stay Safe, Mask Up, Make Art!

Frank Korb

Getting our Art Kits and getting started with the studies! Let’s Go and MAKE ART!

I’ve posted a few times so far, and we will be learning how things work as the use of ArtWithKorb.com works for us all. I know that we are going to be using the GOOGLE CLASSROOM as the starting point – but I hope to use this as a place to look at images and be inspired by. If you have any questions, comments, concerns and the like – please reach out to me.

Mr. Korb

What is Art?

Anges Martin “Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.” Art In America (p.124, 1996)

AP Art History: Introduction, Logging In, Starting to Study

Art Foundations: Art Elements and Principles

Digital Art and Photography: Pnotographs!

Intro to Painting: Watercolors and Plein Air – Techniques First!

Welcome Back – What IS Art?

Hello and welcome back. We will be getting into the swing of things fast, but let’s take it slow in the beginning. Here is the schedule for today!

What does Art Mean to YOU?

GO TO HERE: bit.ly/2EUtTQP

Have your ideas changed?

What about NOW? Click HERE and go to the SECOND page and add a NEW definition – or maybe the same one – of “What Is Art?” bit.ly/2EUtTQP

If you have been here before – it’s great to see you again. If this is your first time – WELCOME. We are going to approach it DIFFERENT as classes this year and use our Google Classrooms as the first starting point. We WILL however be posting the larger ideas here for the week.