Week 4? What happened to week’s 1, 2, and 3? Ok… here we go!

Intro to Painting – Still Life Crit. and then Plein Air (or landscape if the weather doesn’t hold)

Hockney’s homecoming … The Road Across the Wolds (1997). Photograph: Steve Oliver

As we wrap up the still life, we prepare to go out and work en Plein Air – Out of Doors. This is not a new idea but one that has been around for a very long time and is still being practiced today. As a matter of fact, plein air painting is such a thing there are communities, contests, exhibitions, and all matters of things associated with it. David Hockney (85) is still out there working on his oil paintings (grandiose in nature at times) making works based on his neighborhood, where he lives and works – and they even have concept and meaning… Let’s look at where WE live and see what we can do with that.

Lesson HERE!

Art Foundations – Elements and Principles and Photography

Aqua Tanager, Paula McCartney, Photograph – WEBSITE HERE

Photography is where we are headed next. There is SO MUCH to the idea of a photograph and the everyday Snapchat to communicate does not even begin to consider the idea of a photograph. Instagram (As dangerous as it has become to our youth) is full of photographs that are incredibly planned and fixed and edited that they might be considered as photographs and not just pictures (although if it is not a video then it may not even be worth the time on Instagram – har har). Let’s look at the ideas of what makes up the visual arts through the use of photography and then how Paula McCartney used props to invent her landscapes (and other inventions and approaches).

    Intro to Digital Art and Photography – The FAMOUS works of Art and YOU!

    “Recreations inspired by” are different than “Restorations” This article from Arnet about restorations that are “So Bad They’re Brilliant?” might give you a goal of what NOT to shoot for in your learning of Photoshop and painting… Enjoy!

    The statue of Santa Barbara at Brazil’s Santa Cruz da Barra Chapel, before and after restoration. Photo by Milton Teixeira.

    What are you doing with the initial lessons of:

    • Layers?
    • Brushes – Remember that we looked at the MANY different kinds of brushes and all that you can do with them.
    • ALT Key to switch between tools?
    • Colors?
    • If is OFTEN EASIER to have an understanding of KEYSTROKES to change tools than to go tot he toolbar and change tools.

    RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

    ALSO – AI Artwork is banned from the Getty? ARTnews (and others) are reporting this as a concern for copyright infringement and potential lawsuits. What did we learn about last week with AI Art and how is is staying in the world of the arts? Let;s also glance at this article (later in the week). Do you really want to copy that Disney character – the answer is a resounding NO!

    Eat That Frog! Take care of the HARD stuff First. Planning? Starting? What is the FROG in your Art Making Process?

    “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Brian Tracy,

    Eat that Frog http://enlightenednetworker.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/eat_that_frog.jpg

    Intro to Painting – Watercolors and the Still Life

    Where are you in the PROGRESS of YOUR watercolor painting?

    We are continuing to work on the techniques and lessons learned in the making of a successful watercolor still life.

    If you feel like you are finishing up… take a step back and reflect, critique, and revise.

    • Larger to Smaller
    • Basic to Specific
    • Light to Dark

    HERE is the lesson and the STILL LIFE lesson as well.

      Art Foundations – CREATIVE VESSEL – Wrap it up this week

      IMISO Ceramics

      Remember the CORE of the assignment is to build upon the following techniques:

      • Slab
      • Coil
      • Pinch (perhaps)
      • Additive
      • Subtractive
      • Reductive or Piercings
      • Manipulation
      • VESSEL
      • Creativity and Personal Attachment and Meaning to the work

      CREATIVE VESSELS assignment is HERE.

      Intro to Digital Art and Photography – The FAMOUS works of Art and YOU!

      Kathe Kollwitz and Mr. Korb – Her’s is better
      Kathe Kollwitz at the British Museum

      Photoshop is the TOOL and you are the artist

      What are you doing with the initial lessons of:

      • Layers?
      • Brushes?
      • ALT Key?
      • Colors?

      RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

      We are getting deeper into the making now… hold on tightly!

      Intro to Painting – Watercolors and the Still Life

      Janet Fish – DC MOORE GALLERY
      Oranges, 1972
      Pastel on paper
      28 x 31 1/2 inches

      What are the TECHNIQUES that you are going to be using to develop these images? Refer back to your initial experiments in the process and make sure you are aware of and using EACH OF THEM in the final product. The intent is to learn them so they are your tools throughout the process.

      HERE is the lesson and the STILL LIFE lesson as well.

        Art Foundations – Ceramics and the CREATIVE VESSEL

        Maria Martinez Video HERE!

        Imiso Studio and the creation of some REALLY LARGE vessels!

        Remember the CORE of the assignment is to build upon the following techniques:

        • Slab
        • Coil
        • Pinch (perhaps)
        • Additive
        • Subtractive
        • Reductive or Piercings
        • Manipulation
        • VESSEL
        • Creativity and Personal Attachment and Meaning to the work

        CREATIVE VESSELS assignment is HERE.

        Intro to Digital Art and Photography – The FAMOUS works of Art and YOU!

        RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

        Art Room Survey Says!

        As we got back into the swing of things, I gave out a brief survey to get to know my young artists a bit better and to see where they were in the process of thinking about art. Not everyone has gone through and answered the survey (and I will be squaring that up SOON) but most did. Here are some of the answers! I am excited to work with these folks and to see how they succeed in the visual arts!

        What are two things you are excited about in regards to this class? *

        • Korb, Painting
        • I’m really excited to learn in general because this class seems low stress and something that I would enjoy doing.
        • i’m not exactly sure although it was mentioned were doing and animal painting and im pretty excited for that
        • I am excited to learn to be a better painter because over the summer I did numerous paintings I just wasn’t happy with and I would love to learn how to love my artwork and stick with it because a lot of the time I feel like throwing it away or whiting it out.
        • im excited to learn about the different kinds of art and art history
        • I am excited to work with a professional and learn
        • doing art better than i used to . being in a art class this year bc i was not able to last year
        • I’m excited to let myself be creative and make new friends
        • Developing more skill in different artforms and getting a relaxing break after my first hour of advanced weights.
        • The variety of art forms we will be doing and the opportunities this class provides.
        • Experimenting with different types of art and meeting new people in the artistic environment.

        What are two things you hope to LEARN / DEVELOP as skills or experiences in this class?

        • i would like to learn how to paint fur/animals in general but specifically with water color, and learn new things to do/paint with acrylic
        • My art skills in general, since I haven’t taken art since sixth grade.
        • Adding more texture to my clay sculptures other than having a smooth surface and not worrying about how it will turn out but trusting the process.
        • I want to learn to trust the process in my art work and try new things and styles.
        • I just want to get more experience with artforms I usually don’t use, and get better at art in general.
        • I hope to develop a better skill of understanding and gaining more creativity and get better at drawing or planning out a project,
        • I want to be able to look at a photo I want to take or I have taken and see the elements of the photo as if it is not just a little photo but a piece of art. To learn the fundamentals of photography so if I decide to pursue it I can do it properly
        • I hope to learn more techniques that other people use to do different art projects and I hope to develop my drawing/sketching art more because right now it’s not my strongest skill.
        • A good understanding of the different variety and features of art and develop a larger and more skillful set of tools for future art classes.

          What do you plan on doing to be successful in this studio course? STUDIO HABITS!

          • I plan on practicing and focusing on my art, normally I just kind of paint with out thinking and it looks weird but I think that if I really focus I can make something great.
          • getting as much time for art as possible
          • Trying to not let myself be too perfectionistic about things.
          • Using my ET time to finish art projects without falling behind and not talking with friends during class too much.
          • I plan to work hard and make myself feel better about what my art works like.
          • be more responsible and not quit when i don’t like what i drawn
          • Working hard and trying new things, also coming in during ET and study hall
          • going in during enrichment and study halls, working hard and not distracting myself
          • Always listen to directions before just starting something, asking questions if I don’t understand something. Don’t talk while the teacher is talking.
          • I’m going to always push myself to do my best and be as creative as possible so I can be unique to who I am and that will reflect in my artwork.
          • I plan to be successful by getting lots of critique from my peers on ways to improve my art and talking with my friends to help them too

          Describe your success in this class in 5 words.

          • Try, learn, develop, execute, imagine
          • fun , hardworking, foucused , listening , practieing
          • i want to learn more
          • Expanding horizons, trying new things
          • persevere work try fail continue
          • determined, achievable, believing, hard, time
          • determined creative thoughtful emotionful balanced
          • Work, time, perseverance, open minded, and creativity.
          • Effort, Confidence, Progress, Satisfaction, and Finishing.
          • working hard, concentrating, demanded, focusing
          • very very very very good
          • strong, positive, teamwork, persistent, kind
          • do, there is no try
          • Creative, inspiring, quality, beginner, artistic

          These are only some of the great thoughts (and clever questions) that I posed. Ok 2022 – 2023… here we come!

          Welcome to Art Classes at Fort Atkinson High School

          Welcome to the Art Department! I am Mr. Korb – one of your art teachers and artists for the year! I am so glad to have you in the studio.


          Here I am in front of two of my very old paintings (1999) at my dentist’s office the day I shattered a molar! OUCH!

          Intro to Painting


          This week – WATERCOLORS!

          Make sure you bring in some materials for a STILL LIFE in watercolors. Flowers, glasses, cups… we will get to the specifics in class. We are ALSO working through TECHNIQUES. HERE is the lesson and the STILL LIFE lesson as well.

          Art Foundations

          This week – ceramics / pottery / mugs and cups

          We are going to be getting into the ideas of making some functional pottery as well as some that is more SCULPTURAL in nature so be ready to get your hands on some mud! CREATIVE VESSELS assignment is HERE.

          Coli Pots and Slabs Pots are where we are headed… PINCH POTS as well.

          Intro to Digital Art and Photography

          This week – Digital Photography and COMPOSITION

          Digital Photography and setting up compositions is where we are headed. It is not as easy as simply taking out the ol’ cell phone camera and clicking away… thinking and thought and planning and edits are all a part of the process. HERE is the assignment! ALSO – This is where we are headed for the NEXT work of art SO… let’s get thinking and planning so we are ready to go when the day comes! RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!


          Welcome To Fort Atkinson High School’s ART STUDIO (one of many) FRESHMEN!

          It is SO GREAT to have you here today at the start of the 2022 – 2023 school year! (I can hardly accept that those are real years.) This is going to be a spectacular year for ART MAKING, LEARNING ABOUT ART, SEEING OTHER’S ART (and all that other academic stuff…).

          • What questions about ANYTHING do you have about our art class?
          • HOW can I help you feel ready for the year in our studio space?
          • What are your initial CONCERNS or FEARS about your time in this studio?
          • What SKILLS and SUCCESSES are you bringing to the class?

          Take these answers and thoughts and share them with your NEW STUDIOMATE!

          Look at ONE of the questions that your partner answered and then Let’s share some thoughts in the 10 minutes we have together (if we have time).

          Welcome to the Fort Atkinson High School Art Studio!

          Welcome to MY art studio.

          WELCOME to a NEW SCHOOL YEAR! 2022 – 2023

          I can hardly believe those are real numbers for years. Where has all the time gone? This begins my 28th year as an educator… almost half my life in a classroom (on the other side of the desk from the students). More years teaching than as a learner (although I am always learning). I look forward to new artists, new artworks, and new experiences. This is going to be a GREAT year.

          Here is a quiet little view of my studio so that you can all see where I work as an artist. Enjoy the visit. If you are interested in seeing my artworks, visit http://www.FrankKorb.com.

          Mr. Korb

          Let’s Talk About the POSITIVE for a moment – and then we can consider the NEGATIVE

          What is positive in your life right now? What is negative?

          What is the POSITIVE SPACE in this print by American Artist JASPER JOHNS?

          What is the NEGATIVE SPACE?

          “Cup 2 Picasso” (1973), Credit…
          Jasper Johns and ULAE/Licensed by VAGA, New York. Published by Universal Limited Art Editions. All rights reserved. https://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/27/nyregion/a-marriage-of-visual-masters.html More About Jasper Johns HERE!

          Go out and get a BRANCH from the ground (or two) and let’s look a little deeper into the IDEAS of the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE spaces we all interact with (and more often than not) often miss. CLICK HERE for your activity!


          It’s the END OF THE YEAR as we know it… and I feel fine.

          Thank you to EVERYONE for working so hard and focused at becoming stronger and stronger artists. I know that I can challenge you to really think about the work you are making. Challenge you with techniques and ideas that are a little outside of your comfort zone. Push the ideas of self reflection and assessment until you are to the point of wanting to just make “pretty pictures.” But these are things we do as artists. SO… GREAT JOB!

          Today we made EXQUISITE CORPSES. Below are out images from the day and below that is the video that started us off from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Thanks again and enjoy the art and the summer!

          Assignment from the Museum of Modern Art! Exquisite Corpse!

          Thank you Artists. Thank you all for a great year. This is the end for the year so… what will the future hold?

          While I have tried to teach you many techniques and ideas and rules… these are 10 that I personally feel are ESSENTIAL to put into your practice. Thank you Sister Mary Corita Kent for the guidance.

          We are going to CRITIQUE and REFLECT and SURVEY in all the classes. I hope that this final semester was fulfilling and productive for you all.

          Please keep in mind the 7 parts of our standards and how you have been aware and practicing them. These are how we, as artists, continue to become stronger artists in our studios and our practices – no matter what we do are where they are.

          • Planning / Ideation
          • Concept
          • Technique
          • Composition
          • Craftsmanship
          • Studio Habits
          • Critique

          Keep making art. Make art over the summer. Make art for yourself about yourself and about the things that are important to you. Thank you all.

          Advanced Painting: Critique and Cleaning

          Advanced Digital Art: Photography Book Critique and Clean your Drive.

          Art Foundations: Collage and Poetry – self assess!

          Intro to Painting: Cleaning and Survey.

          Intro to Digital Art: Survey and Clean your Drives.

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