Monday we meet in the Classroom.

This has been a quick 3 weeks. One more week, 4 more days, 12 more hours, 4+ more paintings. On MONDAY we will meet in the classroom to talk about the rest of the week. See you then.


AP Scores are in… and the people who passed are…

EVERYONE! We had a 100% Pass Rate in our AP Class! Way to go. A couple of 5’s, a few 4’s, and we wrap with 3’s! This is SPECTACULAR! Congratulations AP’ers! I am SO PROUD OF YOUR YEAR!

Taliesin 2018 with the Plein Air Artists!

What a day! Thank you to Becky, Caroline, Floyd, and our tour guide Cate (as well as Tracy for being a fantastic driver and chaperone) for an incredible day at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin and Hilltop School. We toured and ate (a fantastic lunch with the farmers, students, teachers, and the president of the architecture school) and toured some more. Then we went off to paint. Acrylics are great – but truth be told… I need some more practice. Enjoy the images!

Click on the image below to visit the photographs.



Today we visit #Taliesin

Today we are off to my favorite field trip as we visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. Remember kiddo’s… Be to school, in the Art Room at 8AM so we can leave by 8:30.

New masthead photo gets made today so bring your smiles!

#Welcome to #Monday! I am sure it is going to be #HOT! Drink lots of #H2O.

Neighborhoods are in our area today (as tomorrow we are going to visit some WONDERFUL architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin). Let’s take a look at some Wisconsin Plein Air artists and see how they handle the architecture that they SEE and OBSERVE!

Fred Bell

Landscape oil painting white house

Shelby Keefe

Image result for shelby keefe

Jill Millward (Not WI) and intagram

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#What’sNext? #FortAtkinson (#TWWW #TheSignal)

In the event that you haven’t heard by now, I have good news about my teaching career for next year. I have accepted and signed my contract to be the newest member of the Fort Atkinson High School Art Program. I’ll be teaching Art Foundations, Painting, Advanced Painting, Computer Graphics and Photography, Advanced Computer Graphics and Photography, and every other year an AP Art History course.


When I learned that I was receiving a non-renewal from WUHS, after 19 years of “Living my job”, I knew that things would never be the same. I have gained so much from all of my students and parents, friends and colleagues, teachers and staff, and community of Waterford – the community (and high school) I grew up in. The love and support you have given (and continue to give to me) makes me know that for all you have given me, I have given you back.

Thank you to the kids I have grown to admire, care for, and love. There are only a few kids in my life that mean more to me than you all and you will not be forgotten as I move into the next phase of my professional teaching career. My daughter Abby put is best to describe how much you all mean to me when she spoke at the final board meeting I attended to read my last statement and pass on them all of your support. Abby said that she knew how much you all meant to me because there was seldom a day I didn’t come home and talk about something great or new that one of you had done.Thank you Julie and Abby for all your continued support and love – this journey would have been so much harder without your love and support.”Ok? Ok. What’s Next?”Fort Atkinson High School!

The Problem with Rain… it keeps us in Studio

Let’s look at the ideas of the landscape…

#Welcome to #Week2 of #PleinAir #Art

Get ready to WALK a bit – I’ll take your supplies.


COLOR THEORY and USE is going to be a focus this week as will the use of ACRYLICS (Tuesday). Take a gander at this handout and be ready to use additional colors in the process. Sketching is a common theme in your reflections, so make sure that the IDEAS and the PRELIMINARY SKETCHES are being worked through.

Ok. Let’s Go!



Another RAINY RAINY day for plein air

Well… the weather is not cooperating with us this year so far. The kids did a good job in the beginning getting their thoughts on paper, but in the end we had to come inside and finish the jobs there. I can’t wait to read their reflections on the week.

Cloudy with a chance of rain… and it did in the last minutes.

What a day! We finally got outside and almost beat the rain. Good to have the ladies out and painting and drawing. Tomorrow is one more day in the civilized world of Waterford, then we move to the wooded area. Perhaps a bit of acrylic next week!