Colored Pencil Grid Instructions

  • In 8 of the squares you will use ONLY Red, Yellow, and Blue (Black and White too). I want you to KNOW how to mix colors using these 3 colors ONLY!)
  • In 8 of the squares you will REVERSE the colors that you see and use the COMPLIMENTS of the color. (If you SEE red, you will draw green). This will force you to challenge yourself by breaking the colors down into their reverse colors.
  • In 8 of the squares you will take out the color entirely and draw the square ACHROMATICALLY, black and white ONLY). If you are drawing an ACHROMATIC SQUARE – you will need to draw 8 squares in full color (of your choice)
  • In all of the other squares you will use all of the colors in the bags and draw them out slowly and carefully.

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