MAY 16, 2013 – Thursday

“Talent may get someone off the starting blocks faster, but without a sense of direction or a goal to strive for, it won’t count for much.”
– David Bayles and Ted Orland
Art and Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking




Art Foundations: TEXTURE – Textbook and Note taking. What is texture and how can we gather it up?

Jonathan Lasker REASONABLE LOVE, 2007 Oil on linen 81 x 108 inches 205.7 x 274.3 centimeters CR# LS.13939


  1. 1.1 apply media (crayon and acrylic paint), techniques (frottage, grattage, and decalcomania), and processes (EXPERIMENTATION) with an 1.1.3 awareness so that your ideas are executed well.

Where do you experience TEXTURE in your day to day activities? How does TEXTURE affect the way you experience some of the day to day events and happenings in your life?


Drawing: Draw, Critique, Fix, Correct, Draw, Discuss, FAUVISM – Upload and Edit your Rubric – Collaborate with your classmates!

How are you keeping it cultural and self-focused?


  1. 2.2 evaluate the effectiveness of artworks through self and collaborative critiques
  2. 1.1 apply pastel, layers, and Fauvist Drawing with an 1.1.3 awareness so that your ideas are executed well

Yesterday got away from us – late start and all… what are your biggest accomplishments today? What were your classmates biggest accomplishments today? Write out your thoughts about your classmates drawing in the COmments section so that you can then take it to the computer and make the thoughts there also. COLLABORATE!


AP Studio Art: Artist Statement, Gather Work for Show, Name Tags, Art and Fear Art Work

What is your Fear about Art?


  1. 3.1 reflect on how art differs and describe how it relates to your history and your cultures
  2. 1.1 apply mediums , techniques, and process with an 1.1.3 awareness so that your ideas are executed well

Homework? Cards for your artwork. Statements for the exhibition? Get it done? What are you proud of having accomplished this year?


ASCD Webinar Participants – Thanks for the time at the the webinar. I hope that my thoughts were of value and raised some good points and some challenging questions. I am always looking for feedback – so please pass it along to me. Take a tour, have a look, follow me and see how I effectively  use technology as a tool for interaction, content, resources, collaboration and communications tool in my classroom. If you would like to contact me – you can leave a message below or e-mail me at Enjoy!

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