STEAM Education at Waterford Union High School

In two of our art classes, we have had the great opportunity to tie it ALL(most) together. Thanks to Ms. Lynn Neuman (math) and Mrs. Nancy Smith (Science) for their ideas and feedback.

Breanna A. – Science, English, and ART!

Art Foundations – Science / Engineering / Math / English and ART. They researched (flipped classroom of my videos) 2 point perspective (houses, buildings etc…) and learned the “rules.” Then they researched Scanning Electron Microscope images, we had a conversation about the results, they documented their sites, read a bit about it and then… they had to use the rules of perspective to interpret their microscopic image into and oil pastel drawing. The link is here:

Jessica's Bauhaus Drawing!
Jessica’s Bauhaus Drawing!

Drawing – Using the HISTORY of Germany and Russia in the early 1900’s – WWII, the students studied the times and ideas behind the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. They studied the MATH / GEOMETRY / COLOR theory behind his works and came up with their own color theory. THEN… Music was the emotional impetus for the work. They listened first to music by Kandinsky’s contemporaries and got the ideas for abstraction and geometry. From there they worked their OWN music into the art. So lets see… Music / history / math / social studies (history)… oh.. and ENGLISH – they had to write up an explanation – Artist Statement about their work. The collaborative efforts can be seen in this presentation they worked out and engineered through Google Presentation… some of it MAY still be in the works!



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