Genius, Color, and Matting artwork… are you up for the challenges?

“Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.” — Julie Andrews

Art Foundations: COLOR and YOU!


  1. 1.4 Analyse (break it down) and Define color schemes and how you use color on a daily basis.

Review with neighbors the relationships of the colors on the color wheel? QUIZ one another on the names, types and labels of the colors. What three colors can you use to mix ALL THE OTHER colors? In your GOALS SHEET…

Drawing: Genius Day (a bit longer than a day).


  1. 1.1 Define and consider your PASSIONS through the media, techniques, and processes that you want to consider. Don’t forget about the 1.1.1 skill , 1.1.2 confidence and 1.1.3 awareness that you have and will use so that your ideas are executed well.

Working with Mr. Korb “out of the way/” Here are your “24 hours” of doing what you want with who you want in the way you want with the idea of a product being the end result and presenting being the final evaluation. What have you accomplished today and what do you need to accomplish tonight so that you can present tomorrow? The presentation is a huge factor. What did you intend to do? What did you intend to learn? Why is this a GREAT experience for you? How is having an assignment easier or harder for you? Lots to think about…

AP Studio Art: MAT YOUR WORK – Consider Duchamp


  1. 6.3 use the principles and techniques of art with those from other discipline to PREPARE your WORK for QUALITY!

What are you doing this weekend to PREPARE for the next 1 weeks of WORKING on ONE BREADTH work based on the figure drawings that we worked on this week. How can you look at the Marcel Duchamp work of the world and resolve the image you have in front of you. Next week… resolution – Pastels, Conte, Charcoal? Whatever…

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