Pattern Pattern Everywhere and not a Motif to Share!

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson – Let’s Check out P60 in Binder – Remember that you can switch next week’s sketchbook assignment with one of these Artists Habits of the Mind

Art Foundations: Contour Line Portraits – Pattern –Watercolor and VIDEOS for Watercolor Techniques!

Pattern and MORE pattern. Check out the TEXTURE and the line! What can YOU think of to do?


  1. (2.6) Work on creating multiple solutions to solve visual challenges.

What was the most challenging technique of WATERCOLOR PAINTING you ran across? What was the easiest? Why were they so different?

Drawing: Last Day – Still Life Drawing

Another of Morandi’s Works!


  1.  (1.2) Create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to materials, techniques and process. G: Work on contour / chiaroscuro drawings – still life.
  2. Understand the contours and value that you are working on in your composition.

Pair / Share – self – evaluation of the day – best and worst. What do WRAP UP over the weekend?

AP Studio Art: Nature / Earth Art



  1. (2.2) Evaluate the effectiveness of artwork.
  2. 1.4.3 evaluation [critique] (formative and summative reflections about your artwork) of your artwork through digital media. (Technology Operations and Concepts and Communication and Collaboration)

What are the upcoming challenges that you see coming for next week? 

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