Let’s go outside and get inspired by the WORLD! Wear your coat… Brrrr.

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson – Let’s Check out P60 in Binder – Remember that you can switch next week’s sketchbook assignment with one of these Artists Habits of the Mind

Art Foundations: Contour Line Portraits – Pattern – Watercolor

Henri Matisse – the Purple robe – What different patterns can you see? What types of pattern would you describe them as? http://www.josabela.com/artawareness/images/ArtworkGraphic19PurpleRobe.jpg


  1. (5.3) Describe meaning of artwork by analyzing technique and use of pattern.

What variations of lines are you using? Where do you find it easiest to use the idea of line / contour to represent the face / form? What is the most challenging portion of the face to successfully create? What pattern did you use to design your background for this work? Share with your classmates.

Drawing: Self-Evaluate, Value, Still Life – Who was Morandi?

Georgio Morandi – An even tone of values and color… Very different than the darks we have been looking at… http://carpetmoss.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/giorgio-morandi-natura-morta-ii-1953.jpg


  1. 3.4 evaluate and defend the validity of this still life for ideas  toward current / future works.
  2. (1.2) Create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to drawing pencils and observation.

What are your thoughts about the idea of the composition / white objects as subject matter? WRITE THAT IN YOUR GOAL SHEETS. Why do you feel this is worthy / unworthy / simple / complicated? What is working? What can you take forward to the next assignment?

AP Studio Art: Thanks Carmel – here we go! Andy Goldsworthy on Tumbler.

Andy Goldsworthy… maybe you can be inspired by his work… or the work of the artists from Work of Art. http://amazingstuff.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/andy-goldsworthy-1.jpg


  1. 4.1 recognize differences in historical and cultural contexts of art
  2. 4.2 describe the purpose and meaning of art objects within different cultures, times, and places

With this OUT OF THE BOX (out of the doors) assignment… What struggles are you facing> Where are  you falling in the snow? What are your challenges?

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