May 2, 2013 – Thursday – Already?

  •  Ginger Boglitsch Hey Frank
  •  Ginger Boglitsch I was impressed with all the math you were teaching!:)





“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” — Voltaire


Art Foundations: GRIDS – Finally Grids. Chuck Close video – brief, and then onto MATH – Ratios 1:4. How can we use a ruler successfully? Did you bring your photo?


  1. 3.3 Know about the creation of images and explain why they are of value. (How can this help you in the making of art in the future?)
  2. 6.1 Work on mathematical ratios in art as other disciplines might use math. (How might you use the idea of RATIOS / MATH in your future works?)

One square at a time… how is it going? We dealt with pencils today – have you got the basics of the drawing in? What was your biggest issue with the grid and RATIOs? Think about the problems and the accomplishments you are having. Be aware of the process. Self – evaluation Share image with your classmate and explain the process of measuring and transferring images.


Drawing: WORK – little to no lecture. WORK through the process of drawing these portraits.

What a change in Matisse’s work from yesterday! Matisse later on in life.


  1. (2.3) Create artworks that use organization and function to solve specific visual challenges.
  2. (5.1) Identify the intentions and purposes behind making art.

Now that we are a little further in the process, how are things going? What are your big challenges today with these LARGER than LIFE drawings? Write out your ACCOMPLISHMENTS today. What was the most challenging way to draw? Why was this most difficult way to go? What is most important about drawing when it comes to observation?


AP Studio Art: WORK mi Amigo’s – Get to the process of presenting… How was the Brewer’s game?


  1. Work on Quality Mounting of artworks.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of artworks.

Tomorrow is Friday… what are you lacking in completion for next Tuesday? What situation in life is it important to present yourself in the best light possible? When does it not matter so much? How does the presentation of your artwork relate?

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