May 3, 2013, FRIDAY – SO FAST…

Hey Mom – The kids loved our conversation. They are also looking forward to cookies…




“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” — Voltaire


Art Foundations: Balance is IMPORTANT – Symmetry, Approximate Symmetry, Radial Balance, Asymmetry. What else can help create balance in an artwork?

Great to see how Chuck Close works… a VIDEO LINK is in this image. Click to go to the SFMoMA site.
Chuck Close’s first painting after he THREW AWAY all that he knew… Video Beneath this Image.


  1. Know about the creation of images (through the grid AND using your own images) and explain why they are of value.
  2. 6.1 Work on mathematical ratios in art and KNOW WHY THIS WILL MAKE IT EASIER to process the drawing.

What part of the grid process is giving you difficulties? What part of the grid process is making it easier for you to create the work you are creating? How can you use this in the future? BALANCE: Please TEACH a classmate about the four different types of balance and talk about how you are using it in your composition.


DRAWING: We are working on the portraits, making photographs of our current work – posting them into our GOOGLE DOCS over the weekend and commenting on them, and learning about PASTELS and how we can use ARBITRARY COLORS to make them work in our portraits.


  1. 5.5 evaluate your personal and classmates responses to works of art for communicating ideas
  2. Communication and Collaboration – Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and to the learning of others. – WHO will we share our GOOGLE DRIVE DOCUMENTS WITH  (MONDAY) so we can begin COLLABORATIVE critiquing?
Andre Derain Self Portrait

What has challenged you THE MOST about this process? Why is the portrait so important? Teach your classmate a little about what you have learned in the process of using PROPORTIONS and FACIAL FEATURE shapes and forms that has helped you in the drawing of your Fauvist / Hip-Hop Contemporary Portrait.


AP Studio Art: With the time left… how are you doing? What more have you got to accomplish. Can we take time today to look over your work or do we need it to WORK on presenting our portfolios?

Austin – you need to check your registration – your name is in it twice – First First or Last Last… Please fix that…

How is Art and Fear making you think about making your art?


  1. Work on Quality Mounting of artworks and ASSEMBLE THE PORTFOLIO!
  2. 3.3 ONLINE Describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are value. (if you and NOT submitting a portfolio – I will be collecting your answers on Tuesday through an E-MAIL or Shared Google Document)

Are you READY? Are you Good to go? Please teach a classmate a bit about your work and why you have chosen the works that you did. Write out the most important thing that comes to mind about the QUALITY work you have gathered for the next 3 minutes – NON STOP WRITING…

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