#Midweek #Wednesday #Artday

Thanks to Abi and Mia (et.al.) for their support in the world of High School Artists!

Art is an adventure into the unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.”

– Mark Rothko

Drawing: Look at all that was written about your work yesterday and reflect on it.

B7.2Ac: Evaluate the effectiveness of an image or images to influence ideas, feelings, and behaviors of specific audiences.

Reflect on YESTERDAY before you begin today! What are your OVERALL IDEAS that you hope to communicate.

Kandinsky: http://uploads8.wikipaintings.org/images/wassily-kandinsky/yellow-red-blue-1925.jpg
Kandinsky: http://uploads8.wikipaintings.org/images/wassily-kandinsky/yellow-red-blue-1925.jpg

Biggest struggle / success for today? Write it out and the WHY!

Studio Art 360: COLOR THEORY – Let’s Talk Schemes.

1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.

Review with your neighbor the relationships of color on the color wheel.


Review with neighbors the relationships of the colors on the color wheel? QUIZ one another on the names, types and relationships of the colors

Advanced Drawing: The Pelvis and Proportions

2.1Ad: Experiment, plan, and make multiple works of art and design that explore a personally meaningful theme, idea, or concept.

How can you use another part of the body to help you determine the height and width of the pelvic area as you are drawing the human form? Where and how will you use measurements to help?

Pelvis in the Art you make - Make it Strong: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a3/14/37/a31437c011c8617346bbbd7426bd52bd.jpg
Pelvis in the Art you make – Make it Strong: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a3/14/37/a31437c011c8617346bbbd7426bd52bd.jpg

When you look at the form of the figure today, how have you succeeded with the drawing of the form? What techniques / approaches have you used?

AP Studio Art: Let’s Keep Talking

Reflect: Learning to think and talk with others about an aspect of one’s work or working process, and learning to judge one’s own work and working process and the work of others.

We began yesterday with a few presentations – you are now on your own. Take the period to do your presentations with one another – One of you will keep track of comments / suggestions / another will keep track of time. This is all on you – real AP Level conversations that are FOCUSED and ATTENTIVE to the tasks at hand. GO!


Nothing – reflected on work that was produced

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