#ArtTeacher Missing? #WorkHard so he’s impressed upon his return!https://youtu.be/-cZ0eA91lx0

“Aim higher in case you fall short.” ― Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire – Jasper Johns:

Painting and Advanced Painting: Painting and Color Schemes


  • 2.2Ac: Demonstrate awareness of ethical implications of making and distributing creative work.
  • TODAY is a new start for some of you. What are your concerns about the process of painting with Acrylics? What are the challenges that you have faced as you’ve begun with the acrylic paints that you could share with your classmates who HAVEN’T started? You are ON YOUR OWN today and tomorrow – be smart with your time and supplies.

Reflection / Evaluation: What CHALLENGES did you face today? How did you go about SOLVING that challenge?

Studio Art 360: Sketchbook TUESDAY!

Max Ernst and TEXTURE! What do you think that he used to gather TEXTURES? http://www.pinturayartistas.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/max+ernst/MaxErnstMondGuterDinge.jpg

CLICK HERE and watch the video at the bottom of the page. There are EXAMPLES of the types of textures on the page too. Don’t forget to come  back to this page to deal with the GOALS below!


  • 2.1P: Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.
  • What TEXTURES do you find comforting? What Textures do you find discomforting? Explain your thoughts about WHY you find something comforting or discomforting. Take 3 minutes…

Reflection / Evaluation: What was your favorite way of gathering textures today? How did you use them today in the abstracted landscape COLLAGE experience based on MAX ERNST’s works.

AP Studio Art: Figure Drawing – OPEN CANVAS CALENDAR!



  • 2.1Ad: Experiment, plan, and make multiple works of art and design that explore a personally meaningful theme, idea, or concept.
  • First day with FINAL DRAWING…  If you look back at one thing that you have improved upon… what is it? Look at your figure drawings from the past few days – I’ll give you a few minutes to look and think – REFLECT!

Reflection / Evaluation:  What worked today as you developed your ideas about a STRONG figurative composition based on the gesture drawings from the past week? How are you going to INVESTIGATE an idea of ELEMENT / PRINCIPLE with this one drawing? Why does it demonstrate your SKILLS and ABILITIES at an AP LEVEL 6?

Drawing: MID CRIT – Look at the RUBRIC



  • 8.1Ac: Identify types of contextual information useful in the process of constructing interpretations of an artwork or collection of works.
  • Reflect on YESTERDAY before you begin today! What are your OVERALL IDEAS that you hope to communicate? How do you demonstrate that in your drawing? How are you going to RESOLVE that in the next 4 days in studio?

Reflection / Evaluation: Biggest struggle / success for today? Write it out and the WHY!

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