Can I have mustard with that? What else goes well with your art?

“We’ve gotten to the point where we think the camera can capture anything at all…Well, it can’t really. The camera can’t compete with painting at all. The paintings are much more vivid about the place than photographs are.” – David Hockney

Modern Painters, “David Hockney, on his latest inspiration – Yorkshire, Into the Woods,” by: Marina Cashdan, April 2010, p. 66.

Art Foundations: REALLY wrap it up and then onto Form and Shape

What is the artist REALLY focused on in this drawing?


  1. 1.4 create, define, and solve visual challenges using 1.4.1 analysis of SPACE!

What did you find as the most difficult aspect of the creation of the drawing? What was the hardest? What was the easiest? Are you able to see the negative space in the 1 – drawing, 2 – actual object?

Drawing: Shall we try to get the Google Dive fixed? Let’s move on AFTER we get the Google Fixed… LISTEN TO ME!

What do these shapes mean to you? How do you see them relating to each other – or to you?


  1. 3.1 reflect on how art differs (shapes and forms, colors, and music) and describe how it relates to history and cultures
  2. 3.2 apply subjects, symbols, and ideas in art and use skill to solve visual challenges

What NEW ideas might you have had about COLOR and Shape in the art you were creating?

AP Studio Art: No Talking today! Plan and Plan and REVISIT your CONCENTRATION!

What is YOUR concentration doing? Write out the goals and GET TO WORK!


  1. Technology Operations and Concepts – Update your AP Central Site… Introduction to  the site.
  2. 1.3 communicate ideas clearly

What has been happening in your work that FITS with your statements? How can you continue to think about the statement you have written and refresh your ideas?

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