Let’s hear it for perseverance! GO Perseverance!

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson – Let’s Check out P61 in Binder

Ok… page 61 of the binder looks like this. Thanks Harvard! http://www.lcps.org/cms/lib4/VA01000195/Centricity/Domain/144/8HabMind.jpg

Art Foundations: Contour Drawing – Abstract Reflection / Statement

Whose face is this? Not mine… yours? We will draw yours out and maybe, just maybe it will look like this (or not)… http://meghanhudak.com/img/face.jpg


  1. (3.3) Know about the creation of contour line drawings and explain why they are important.
  2. (1.4) Solve observational and drawing challenges using analysis (element of Line).

What did you take away from the various types and qualities of line and how can you use them in your artwork? What was difficult about the contour line drawing?

Drawing: Still Life – Serious Work

What’s Morandi got up his sleeve today? http://www.moma.org/collection_images/resized/698/w500h420/CRI_167698.jpg


  1. (3.2) Apply Observational Skills that you are developing and use skill to solve Compositional challenges.
  2. (1.2) Create art that demonstrates relationship between Chiaroscuro, Observation, and  SIGHTING IN with DRAWING pencil.

What have you learned today about how to push / pull space with value? What have you accomplished with pencil? What is SUCCESSFUL

AP Studio Art: Computer Lab – Let’s edit and UPLOAD

I am here to help you UPLOAD your artwork to the world… http://zowchow.com/files/2012/11/terminator1.jpg


  1. NETS: Demonstrate a sound understanding of Photography and Editing, Uploading and the CLOUD / Website / BLOG.

What have you accomplished in this day of work? What do you need to get accomplished for FRIDAY when your CURRENT CONCENTRATION works are due online?

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