#Friday on a #Thursday #YEAH! What are you working on this #Weekend?

Here are the top 10 lessons learned from Sara’s Blakely’s journey from fax machine saleswoman to entrepreneurial superstar:

7)      You CAN figure it out you have the ability.  Sara knew absolutely nothing about women’s undergarments, patenting a new product, manufacturing, marketing, product development, website development, online commerce, and more.  But that didn’t stop her. She researched what she needed to, hired out what she couldn’t do, and marched forward with undying commitment and energy. Don’t stop yourself from pursuing an idea because you don’t think you have what it takes.

8)      You can build a billion dollar business starting with $5,000.  Sara had only $5,000 in savings on that fateful day when she cut the feet off of her stockings in order to wear them under her white pants for a more flattering look (and thus, realized the world needed a new undergarment product that would be comfortable yet flattering to the female form).  From that $5,000 she embarked on designing a prototype, securing a manufacturer, naming the product, legally protecting her product, and getting the word out to potential buyers.  You don’t have to be rich to move forward with your fabulous new idea.




Drawing: MUSIC and ART!

Guggenheim in NYC! Send me photographs of your weekend visit! http://media.guggenheim.org/content/New_York/exhibitions/2011/decisiverose_490x235.jpg


  • 7.2Ac: Evaluate the effectiveness of an image or images to influence ideas, feelings, and behaviors of specific audiences.
  • As this develops, how are your ideas and Kandinsky’s similar and how are they different? What might you take away from this experience? How can you share that idea with the world?  

Reflection: From the conversation you had… what are things you HEARD from others that might help you get rolling on a SOLID and SUCCESSFUL image on Monday? If you need to RESOLVE your image over the weekend… do so.

Studio Art 360: Sculpture – WRAP IT UP!

Anne Truit – What are you doing with COLOR? http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/ED-AK645_truitt_DV_20091209170159.jpg


  • 2.2P: Explain how traditional and non-traditional materials may impact human health and the environment and demonstrate safe handling of materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Final day to work. Ready to focus? This has been a fast week – what is ONE THING you need to do today to GET YOUR SCULPTURE COMPLETED TODAY? Monday we will WORK and then MOVE ONTO the NEXT WORK.

Reflection: What do you need to do this weekend to wrap up your sculpture? If you are done – hopefully you are – What is are two things you would do differently that would better enhance your sculpture?

AP Studio Art: 

Guernica – Sketches! http://www.museoreinasofia.es/sites/default/files/styles/foto_horizontal_wide/public/obras/DE00120_0.jpg?itok=YSFdDySJ


  • 1.1 Ad: Visualize and hypothesize to generate plans for ideas and directions for creating art and design that can affect social change.
  • Looking at the ideas you came up with as a group yesterday… if your work could MAKE A CHANGE to SOCIETY – Start Conversation – Begin a REVOLUTION for CHANGE – what imagery comes up RIGHT NOW… You do not have to stick with it, but RIGHT NOW – Good ideas or not.

Reflection: Well – are you going to lead the revolution? I hope so! What do you plan on doing for the weekend

Advanced Drawing: 50 Sheets of Paper!

Sol Le Witt MANY panels! http://www.baeditions.com/sol-lewitt-artwork/sol-lewitt-color-grids-installed.jpg


  • 7. Stretch & Explore: Learning to reach beyond one’s capacities, to explore playfully without a preconceived plan, and to embrace the opportunity to learn from mistakes.
  • Last day this week… What are two things you are planning on doing TODAY to get a good deal of work planned and begun for today? How are you working in the OBSERVATION part of this requirement?

Reflection: Having 4 days this week to get into the process, plus one day of a critique, DESCRIBE ALL THAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED. As an outside VIEWER – what progress would we see.

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