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Songs of Sanctuary: AP Studio Art 2015

maraea adiamus Quezaire
Adeimus: MaRaea Quezaire

Hello and HAPPY SATURDAY! Over the past two weeks, our AP Studio Artists have been working to put visual to the musical (Wassily Kandinsky inspired? The conversations around the studio mentioned his name a few times). Choir Director Mr. Derek Machan and his choirs at Waterford Union High School will be performing (January 9 and 10 100 Field Drive, Waterford, WI)  the music of Karl Jenkins, Songs of Sanctuary.

“I conceived Songs of Sanctuary in the European classical tradition, but it was my intention that the vocal sound should be more akin to those heard in ethnic or world music. The “words” are invented; in this respect the work is a vocalize, albeit one in which the vowels and consonants are specified.” – Karl Jenkins

Tintenaula West-Windschanz
Tintinnabulum: Julia West-Windschanz’s Statement
Please visit the AP Studio Art Website HERE (and SHARE IT AROUND) to see the works, read the artist statements, and listen to the music. Please, add comments to the page, offer the student artists feedback, and come join the choirs to hear the performance. All of the AP Studio Artists work will be on exhibition at the WUHS Gallery for you to enjoy.
– Frank
Cantus Inaequalis Heebsh
Cantus Inaequalis: Mary Heebsh

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