#Monday is ALWAYS a #GoodDay in the #ARTS

“Aim higher in case you fall short.” ― Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire – Jasper Johns:

Jasper Johns – TARGET: http://addictionblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Life-coaching-online-for-addiction-recovery-1.jpg

Painting and Advanced Painting: Painting and Color Schemes

Abstraction and Painting: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81CIvE3XoYL._SL1500_.jpg


Reflection / Evaluation: As you look back on the development of your composition, what are especially satisfied about? What are 3 things that you feel are successful compositionally?

Studio Art 360: LAST Drawing Day – Value – Composition? How’s it going?

Process over product! http://www.activefamilymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Process-Over-Product-The-Importance-of-%E2%80%9COpen-ended%E2%80%9D-Art-in-Child-Development.jpg


  • G: 8.1P: Interpret an artwork or collection of works, supported by relevant and sufficient evidence found in the work and its various contexts.
  • What is the ONE larger SKILLS you have developed as we have drawn? What is one MINOR Skill you feel you have developed? EXPLAIN.

Reflection / Evaluation: As we discussed on earlier in conversation… we are in it for the process of MAKING ART, not necessarily worrying about the finished product. Why do you NOW see the PROCESS as an important thing for an ARTIST to worry about and the PRODUCT as important to their audience.

AP Studio Art: Figure Drawing – OPEN CANVAS CALENDAR!

Figure – Are you BEYOND THIS? http://www.learn-to-draw-lessons.com/images/gesture-standing.gif


  • 2.1Ad: Experiment, plan, and make multiple works of art and design that explore a personally meaningful theme, idea, or concept.
  • What are three things that you you struggle with when it comes to the idea of the FIGURE?

Reflection / Evaluation: Of the images you drew today… what strengths did you see develop in the process today? Explain…

Drawing: MID CRIT – Look at the RUBRIC

How’s your drawing coming? http://media.smashingmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/images/bauhaus/bauhaus%20art%20swinging.jpg


Reflection / Evaluation:  SHARE YOUR THEORY AND DRAWING WITH YOUR CLASSMATE – Last 5 Minutes – CONVERSATION and write down what you have learned from your classmate.

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