Getting to #Work on #Art and #Reflecting on the #Progress OF the Art.

“Unless you have a definite, precise, clearly set goals, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.” — Zig Ziglar

Painting and Advanced Painting: Collage Social Commentary 

Charles Demuth (Bio):


  • 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • What did TAPING the paper down to the board help with last week?

Reflection / Evaluation: What 2 things did you get done today that helped you move the ideas of SOCIAL C OMMENTARY forward in your design ideas? Be VERY specific in the tasks you accomplished.

Studio Art 360:Sketchbooks – BRING CARDBOARD FOR TOMORROW!

Minimalist Sculpture TONY SMITH: 1964,


  • 2.2P: Explain how traditional and non-traditional materials may impact human health and the environment and demonstrate safe handling of materials, tools, and equipment.
  • What challenges do you see about the process of building a cardboard sculpture of a pyramid, cube or cylinder?

Reflection / Evaluation:  What was the most difficult part of the building process today for YOU? How can you use those challenges to develop your skills?

AP Studio Art: Bag of Objects. How is your first CONCENTRATION going?

Pastel? You?


  • 2.2Ad: Demonstrate understanding of the importance of balancing freedom and responsibility in the use of images, materials, tools, and equipment in the creation and circulation of creative work.
  • What materials are you NOT using yet? Make sure that in the body of work you are making (about 1 object) you try things you are not comfortable with

Reflection / Evaluation: What mediums are you afraid of using. If not afraid – haven’t used because you are not used in the past? WHY?

Assignment ONLINE – Google Document – SHARE WITH ME at! DUE ON FRIDAY. CLICK HERE FOR A GOOD EXAMPLE. READ THE BRIEF BLOG POST! Where do you see yourself artistically now, where in 5 Years?  WE ARE USING THIS NEXT MONDAY ON THE AP WEBSITE! WOO HOO!

Drawing: Group of Objects – Scale, Composition, VALUE! STEP BACK from your drawing and REFLECT!



  • 1.2Ac: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan works of art and design.
  • How are you defining the edges of forms DIFFERENTLY now than you have in the past?

Reflection / Evaluation:  Have you improved your drawings skills over the past few days? What do you feel you will be able to improve on regarding the skills you have currently?

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