While Mr. Korb is Away the Art Students will #WORK!

AP and Advanced Drawing VIDEO

AP Studio Art: Update to AP Sites / Preparing work for Presentation

Great Quote!


  • 4.2Ad: Critique, justify, and present choices in the process of analyzing, selecting, curating, and presenting artwork for a specific exhibit or event.
  • How does one of the 5 QUALITY works you’ve chosen represent the visual art abilities that you possess?

When it comes to the making of art, what have you learned in the class about that part of being an artist?

Advanced Drawing: GESTURE!


  • 2.1Ad: Experiment, plan, and make multiple works of art and design that explore a personally meaningful theme, idea, or concept.
  • What details in the earlier gesture drawings are you forcing yourself to overlook and ignore in the process of the GESTURE drawing? What makes it difficult for you to OVERLOOK these and focus on the ideas of GESTURE?

Next week – LONGER FIGURE DRAWINGS – Be aware of the challenges you faced today? What was the BIGGEST CHALLENGE you faced today in the drawing? 

Drawing: Graffiti and Fauvism

Keith Haring in front of Crack is Wack!


  • 1.1Ac: Individually or collaboratively formulate new creative problems based on student’s existing artwork.
  • Think about the PROCESS you have been going through with your drawing. Stop and SILENTLY think. What NEW SKILLS have you learned about / developed in the process of this drawing?

What do you need to look at tomorrow and think about – fix, change, clean up? WRITE THAT DOWN and make sure you deal with that first thing tomorrow! 

Studio Art 360: POP Art Painting

Jim Dine’s Bathrobes – Self Portrait through color and line!


  • 1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.
  • What is ONE THING you have learned about the use of ACRYLIC PAINTS so far in the process?

What are three things you would / will CHANGE about the artwork that you are doing SO FAR? We are in a good spot to EXAMINE and REFLECT on the work in front of you. 

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