.@JerrySaltz advice to #Art #Students read by .@fkjorb to HIS #ArtStudents

Thank you Jerry for the Visit - Id  love to meet again for the first time.
Thank you Jerry for the Visit – I’d love to meet again for the first time.

Listen to the SAGE words of Advice to Art Students by Art Critic and Writier Jerry Saltz as read by your favorite (or at least top 3) art teacher Frank Korb. PLEASE play for all classes before their individual videos. Thanks.

AP Studio Art: PREPARE for the PRESENTATION on MONDAY! Gallery?

Alice Aycock “Clay #2” – http://blogs.artinfo.com/lacmonfire/files/2012/05/Aycock.jpg


  •  7.2Ad: Determine the commonalities within a group of artists or visual images attributed to a particular type of art, timeframe, or culture.
  • Looking at the work you’ve been creating, what do you need to do in order to not get voted out of the Art Studio? How is your work challenging and innovative?

How does this work offer you the opportunity to thing outside of the normal “art” supplies and “art” ideas?

Advanced Drawing: PAPER BAGS and Watercolor!

Paper Bags 1


  • 1.4 create, define, and solve visual challenges using 1.4.1 analysis (breaking up the artwork / subject matter to basic elements) 2.3 create artworks that solve visual challenges.
  • What skills do you feel you are able to be falling back onto as you move into this drawing?

What has been your most successful are of this drawing today? How are you COMMUNICATING a MESSAGE about your CULTURE or SELF?

Drawing: PLANTS!

Jim Dine Plant Drawing – What are you going to do with YOURS?


  •   2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • What skill / technique do you feel that you REALLY gained in the last still life drawing? How are you GROWING as an artist SO FAR?

One day drawing – what was successful? What was a fail? These are your SKETCHBOOKS for next week – what can you do to make it BETTER from this point forward?

Studio Art 360: Thumbnails and IDEAS! – VALUE TOO!

May not be just a cylinder, cube and pyramid, but the ideas are in the same vein!


  • 7.1P: Hypothesize ways in which art influences perception and understanding of human experiences.
  • What are THREE things you struggle with when it comes to using VALUE in your drawings that you can focus SINCERE attention on today?

Look back on the THREE areas of improvement, how did you do? Choose one and write 3 sentences about the success or failure!

How about COMPOSITIONS? Looking for ideas? Let’s Look HERE!

How To Do Everything

How to do Everything Image
How To Do Everything with your chef – Mr. Korb… Listen to the second half of the show to hear Mr. Korb’s Contributuion to the BIG GAME snack dip recipe. Start at 5:55.

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