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“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Brian Tracy



Studio Art 360 – Paper Mache – Finish your FORMS in cardboard!

From TUBES and CUBES to buildings and overhangs! http://www.likecool.com/Gear/Projects/Abu%20Dhabi%20Art%20Pavilion%20made%20from%20cardboard%20tubes/Abu-Dhabi-Art-Pavilion-made-from-cardboard-tubes.jpg


  • 9.1P: Establish relevant criteria in order to evaluate a work of art or collection of works.
  • What are TWO IDEAS of PERSONAL criteria that you might set up for yourself as you work on an artwork?

Based on your initial thoughts about personal criteria, are you matching, exceeding, or just barely hitting the standards you would set up for yourself? WHY?

AP Studio Art: 1 week Magazine Article Assignment, Plants and Flowers – BEGIN ON THE LARGER WORK!

I LOVE this plant… Here is MINE below…

Expression Plant


  • 10.1Ad: Synthesize knowledge of social, cultural, historical, and personal life with art-making approaches to create meaningful works of art or design.
  • Not knowing what your thoughts are about plants / flowers, know that they have been and will be a large and important image in art. Working to make sure you have a REAL connection with the images you make, what are your personal connections to the art or the making of the art?

What materials have you used today? What were the focal points of the drawings for the day. What are you enjoying / hating about the ideas of drawing based on observation?

Jim Dine – Plants and Trees: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/- AND THEN: Bring up an image from the Alan Cristea Gallery: http://www.alancristea.com/collection-41-109-Plants-Andamp%3B-Trees


Painting: Collage and Painting Critique!

TECHNIQUES and YOU! Come up with a VARIETY of TECHNIQUES to strengthen ALL of your painting skills – good day or bad day. https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/ed539-demo000.jpg


  • 3.1Ac: Engage in constructive critique with peers, then reflect on, re-engage, revise, and refine works of art and design in response to personal artistic vision.
  • What do you feel about talking aloud when it comes to other’s works? What are your thoughts about why you may be apprehensive or confident when discussing other individual’s work?

What were 3 things that you took away from today’s critique? How will you apply that information as you move forward?

REMEMBER! Create a ONE PAGE PAPER (double spaced, 11 or 12 point Times New Roman, Palatino – Serif-ed type font) that discusses the artists and their works. Use ideas about the work as to what drew you to the work, what styles did you like, what techniques do you appreciate? A small history of the artist and personal reflection. How will you use similar ideas in your work as they did in theirs? Here are the artists to research: Winslow Homer, Charles Demuth, Thomas Eakins, Edward Hopper, Dong Kingman, Reginald Marsh, Charles Sheeler, J.M.W. Turner, Thomas Moran, Georgia O’Keefe, James Whistler, or Andrew Wyeth. PAPER IS DUE ON Friday, September 19, 2014.

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