Fail Big… and make sure you learn from what didn’t work!

“Don’t be intimidates by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure you do things differently from everyone else.” Sara Blakely (inventor of SPANX and youngest Self Made Female BILLIONAIRE – 10 Lessons I Learned from Sarah Blakely – Forbes Magazine)

Art Foundations: Negatively Positive! Drawing the Negative Space of the Branches

How do you see the NEGATIVE space in comparison to the Positive Space?
How do you see the NEGATIVE space in comparison to the Positive Space?

VIDEOS – Look back to FRIDAY’s post or the the RIGHT of this screen under VIDEOS!

Stanly Kubrics increcible use of 1 Point Perspective in his films… see how IMPORTANT perspective can be?


  1. 1.4 create, define, and solve visual challenges by analyzing the negative space of the branches. Think about COMPOSITION!

hat did you find as the most difficult aspect of the creation of the drawing? What was the hardest? What was the easiest? Are you able to see the negative space in the 1 – drawing, 2 – actual object?

Drawing: Kandinsky and Geometry / Measurements

What do colors mean to you? Here is what they mean to Kandinsky…


  1. 3.1 reflect on how art differs and describe how it relates to history and cultures
  2. 3.2 apply subjects, symbols, and ideas in art and use skill to solve challenges in Non-Objective Art and Color Theory

hat NEW ideas might you have had about COLOR and SHAPE in the art you were creating?

AP Studio Art: Concentration Works and Uploads – Payment Due TOMORROW? TODAY?

So… Tell me about the Pieter Bruegel? What are you impressed with in the work?
  1. 2.2 PEER-evaluate the effectiveness of artworks and GET SOME REAL FEEDBACK!

What were the biggest impressions you had from the classmate’s works? What were the most difficult things you felt as you presented your work? Conversation between classmates about the 2 questions for your exam. How does this work relate to your concentration? Peer Consultation: What do you say to one another about your ideas?

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