InterActive 2013 Learning Conference Ends… Workshop begins.

My webpage has been ranked on Teach 100… Thanks for the badge! Let’s work to move the rating up the list!


A HUGE word of thanks to all those who attended my sessions over the past two days at InterActive Learning Conference at UW-Whitewater. The sessions I had were well attended and had a lot of great feedback. Links to ALL of my sessions are available to the RIGHT of this post under PAGES: IntertActiv 2013.

Thanks to Scott Christensen and the entire InterActive Learning Team, all the vendors, the presenters, and UW-Whitewater’s Tech crew for a fantastic couple of days.

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Comments from Survey: Thanks All!

  • Enjoyed your energy. All your communication with parents. I need to get my staff to do that more. I will share all your tools.
  • Putting goals out there for my students. Right now, they just have to guess… and most of them don’t try, oddly 🙂
  • I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Learned a lot. It’s been great to have some time to work and experiment with WordPress.
  • I liked that it setting up a blog is easy and free.

And Even…

  • I think you over-explained and I grew bored.
  • It seemed sort of self-promotional.

I appreciate ALL the comments. I enjoyed working with each group and learning form other experts in their own fields. Criticism in essential in the learning process and I appreciate all the work and reflections from everyone. Your thoughts about my sessions… HERE.

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