InterActiv 2013 – Day 2 – Technology in the Classroom!

Technology and Communication in the 21st Century Classroom: SURVEY – HELP me (and your contemporaries) with your thoughts! Survey is HERE.



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Self-Portraits and Reflection on oneself... charcoal on paper.
Self-Portraits and Reflection on oneself… charcoal on paper. What do you think about when you reflect on the lessons you teach? The ideas the kids walk away with? Reflection is essential to the process of learning – them and us.



  • Walk away with a new set of tools, skills, and connections to help your students (and yourself) become stronger and more self-aware / driven learners (and teachers).
  • Share the ideas and skills about technology that you are great at and help others become more knowledgeable in technology.


My 3 sessions at the InterActiv 2013 Technology Conference are listed below. The links to the Google Presentations are below also. I am ALWAYS looking for your feedback.

What are your thoughts about my sessions? What are things you enjoyed or learned from? What would you have liked to have learned more about? While this survey is “mostly” about my sessions… I am happy to share your responses about anything that you feel needs addressing. Thanks. Survey is HERE.


Kids will say the Darndest Things…

Knowing that sketchbooks and goals will ALWAYS be part of the courses, what is one suggestion that you have to offer for future classes? What are some suggestions you may have to help the class become even stronger or more fulfilling than it already is? These require explanation please.

  • “Make the goals so that everyone does them and doesn’t slack. It helps my brain learn from the beginning of class and I know it will help others.”
  • “To take the goals and understand them not just write them down.”
  • “The goals were kind of hard to understand when looking back at them. It’s easy to understand when you explain. but the way they are written down is tricky to look back at.”

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