WELCOME to InterActiv 2013 – Technology & Education

Welcome to  InterActiv 2013 Technology Conference ! Over the next 2 (or 4) days you will have MANY opportunities to learn new techniques, tools, technologies that can help you make your classroom even more effective towards the goal if IMPROVING STUDENT LEARNING!

  • Technology and Communication in the 21st Century Classroom: SURVEY – HELP me (and your contemporaries) with your thoughts! Survey is HERE.
  •  Please follow my GOALS PAGE by entering your e-mail address (see the right of the screen) to get daily updates, ideas, and inspirations. Share, Retweet, Facebook… however you can share me…
  • MY NOTES FROM THE CONFERENCE – If you are interested – Comments are welcome – HERE.
"Dream," Matthew Jacob, oil on canvas, 15" by 19.75", 2013
“Dream,” Matthew Jacob, oil on canvas, 15″ by 19.75″, 2013 – How far from your box can the new ideas you will be exposed to this week take you?


  • Walk away with a new set of tools, skills, and connections to help your students (and yourself) become stronger and more self-aware / driven learners (and teachers).
  • Share the ideas and skills about technology that you are great at and help others become more knowledgeable in technology.


My 3 sessions at the InterActiv 2013 Technology Conference are listed below. The links to the Google Presentations are below also. I am ALWAYS looking for your feedback.

After having had an opportunity to visit the conference… what are your thoughts about the session? What are things you enjoyed or learned from? What would you have liked to have learned more about? While this survey is “mostly” about my sessions… I am happy to share your responses about anything that you feel needs addressing. Thanks. Survey is HERE.

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