Wisdom from Art Foundations Students

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Micah Reflects  Melanie Modic, Pencil, 12" x 20.55" 2012-2013
Micah Reflects
Melanie Modic, Pencil, 12″ x 20.55″

Art Students say the Darndest Things…

  • What was the one thing that you feel you will be able to take into your next course or carry on into the next stage of your artistic development.
    • “When we got to work on projects. Being able to do our own things” – Art Foundations 2013
    • “paying more attention to realizing importance of art rather than what I just see.” – Art Foundations 2013
    • “I will know how to better place things out on paper. Social Skills.”– Art Foundations 2013
    • “Work Ethic” – Art Foundations 2013
    • “Do the thing even if you do not enjoy the beginning. Probably, when you are done, you’ll discover the reason of what you did it and tool for opportunities.” – Art Foundations 2013

These kids FLOORED me with their insights and thoughts about all that they learned in an Art Class… I knew it was happening… I am PROUD that they saw it in the end too.


This week : I will be presenting 3 sessions at the InterActiv Technology Conference at UW-Whitewater.

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