Inspiration for NEXT school’s year. Are you thinking that far in down the road?

From the Daily Inspirational Blog Goal Achievement Quote – June 24, 2013
by Paul Mark Sutherland
 “I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.”
—John D. Rockefeller

Braun, Austin Schroeder, pencil and ink, 17.5" by 23.25", 2013.
What inspires you? Ryan Braun has done a number on countless baseball fans… even with the challenges of alleged doping. Braun, Austin Schroeder, pencil and ink, 17.5″ by 23.25″, 2013.


One of my colleagues, a great leader in the building and inspiration to our 1100ish students, asked about the lengthy notes I had taken during the 2012 – 13 school year about the 2nd Edition of Classroom Instruction That Works – (An ASCD Publication [Link HERE for the ASCD Website]) by Dean, Hebbell, Pitler, and Stone. I now have the notes available to you…  but I suggest getting a hold of the book as well. The Google Document is set up so that ANYONE who can access it (you bu clicking on the book) can read it and MAKE COMMENTS  – GO FOR IT! (Thanks Russel.)

Click on the Book Cover to go to my not quite complete (still haven’t finished writing about Chapter 10) notes.

While this book was a great read – and is an essential reminder for all of those who already feel like I do things such as, but in no order of importance: Feedback, Recognition, Co-operative Learning, Non-Linguistic Representations… among other technique and strategies. It is one thing to DO them, daily, but it is an altogether different thing when you are AWARE of the strategies you are using and doing them with the purpose of moving Student Centered Learning FORWARD.


Another GREAT Video bit of Inspiration I recently got was the YouTube clip (26 minutes, so get a cup of coffee and a set of headphones) was by Anthony Salcito on The New Classroom Experience (my notes HERE – please add your comments).

There are a lot of GREAT thoughts in this lecture and I have been moved to look at the Look of MY Classroom. I feel that the activities ARE the most important aspect of the classroom, not the look of the classroom, and that is why I am REALLY emphasizing the use of technology to create environments for COLLABORATION and also how the ARTWORK the kids are learnign about and producing is essential to how they solve problems as well as the necessity of them failing (not necessarily with an F, but rather just not producing exactly what they thought it was “suppose” to look like), reflect on their failures, move forward from their failures, and continue to fail until they succeed – in WHATEVER WAY THEY SUCCEED!


LASTLY – Some thoughts and comments from the kids from 2012 – 13 as the school year wrapped up. The question that was posed was: What was the single greatest accomplishment for you over the past semester?

  1. I learned to focus on visual unity and the elements of art to create pieces of art with ideas and processes being executed well.
  2. I learned to take time while drawing and give effort towards art. I’m proud that I can now be a better drawer.
  3. I expanded my mind. I really didn’t like art at all. When I had to take it in 7th grade I said I was never going to take it again. But this semester I took it and some parts were pretty fun with this class.
  4. Learning how to use dimension, proportion, shading, and drawing in general.
  5. I became comfortable with new mediums.

I pose the question to you…

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