May 13, 2013 – Monday

“Talent may get someone off the starting blocks faster, but without a sense of direction or a goal to strive for, it won’t count for much.” – David Bayles and Ted Orland

What do you to get off the starting blocks? What do you do to keep going?


Art Foundations: How are you using the grid to help you create your art? Is it helping you or is it making it too hard? This is something that some of you have spoken about… it being difficult… it being easy… Analysis!

Imagine using the grid as the basis for your artwork. How can you use the grid as the basis for an abstract work?


  1. 1.1 apply media (colored pencil), techniques (grid), and processes (one square at a time) with an 1.1.3 awareness so that your ideas are executed well.

What is the most successful aspect of your drawing? Did the slowing down and working one square at a time help you to better understand the image you were drawing? Why or why not?


Drawing: Fauvism – How much are you enjoying, hating, challenged by, made easier with the use of the WILD BEAST-like colors and REAL observation behind the image? I am THRILLED!

Mid Crit – DUE NEXT MONDAY – CRITIQUE 3 DAYS NEXT WEEK – PAPER DUE Thursday Beginning of class next week… COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS DUE WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK – WRITE OUT 10 sentences (one paragraph) about your partners work – good / bad / suggestions – make it worth their while.

3rd Hour MidCrit Artworks to UPLOAD by WEDNESDAY

6th Hour MidCrit Artworks to UPLOAD by WEDNESDAY

How does looking at the work at this stage help you? Help your classmates?


  1. 1.4.3 evaluation [critique] (formative and summative reflections about your artwork) 2.1 form criticism about artworks that work to accomplish
  2. 2.1.2 personal 2.1.3 communal (societal) 2.1.4 or other meanings

Write out what you have learned about the work you have produced. 4 minutes of SOLID writing – this will help you begin tomorrow and write your paper later this week (next week).


AP Studio Art – 

Get Ready for the Artist Statement.

 Writing an artist’s Statement:


  1. 2.1 form criticism about artworks that work to accomplish 2.1.1 commercial 2.1.2 personal

What hurdles are you facing that stop you from writing about your artwork? What gets in the way? Why are words so hard?

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