March 20, 2013 – Wednesday

“No matter how many goals you have achieved, you must set your sights on a higher one.” – Jessica Savitch


MC Escher… Where have you see this kind of artwork before? Is this use of 2 point perspective even possible?

ART FOUNDATIONS: What interests you? What is your passion? What do you do to keep yourself entertained? What do you do that you are proud of? Think of something that you can use as the basis for your cityscape.

We have learned it all… where to go from here. Take a moment and, with a partner, look at this and see if you can figure out all the different techniques we have learned and how you can draw them out.


  1. 1.2 create 2 point perspective cityscape that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the 1.2.3 processes you use
  2. 6.3 use the principles and techniques of art with those from other discipline

Review with your partner / neighbor the process of drawing in 2 Point Perspective – what do you struggle with still? How did you work through the problems you had?


DRAWING: Figure and Wrinkled Paper Drawing. What can you use from YESTERDAY’s exercise with GESTURE and SIGHTING IN and GUIDELINES that might help you continue to refine your current drawing?

Wrinkled paper in a sketchbook? What a GREAT assignment! Notice the incredible ______________, ______________, and ______________ that help give this work it’s sense of form. (What are they? The 3 things that this artist used to create the form? First 3 people to e-mail me get 10 extra credit points in the sketchbook Character portion of the book!)


  1. 2.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of your artwork
  2. (1.2) Create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to materials, techniques and process.

How much fun was it to take a break from your work yesterday and Monday? Review my comments with your neighbor and write it down in the GOALS sheet. Write out a response to the comments as to how you might work to improve the use og guidelines and gesture drawings OR a general response to the ideas I presented to you in the past 2 days.


AP STUDIO ART: Let’s take a look at the boards from yesterday and see how you did. Get them out, set them all in a row in the front of the room – QUICK GRADE!

OLD SCHOOL looking at the slides… what have you done to update the process in YOUR work?


  1. 4.4 evaluate and interpret your art for relationships in 4.4.1 form 4.4.2 context and 4.4.3 meanings showing understanding of the work of various art professionals*

What have you learned and improved upon in the process of mounting a work of art? Why is it important to present your work in the best way possible? What challenges do you still have in front of you? Can you teach this process? I hope so – 2 of your classmates were gone – guess who is the teacher now?

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