#BackToWork #MakingArt and #Critiquing

It has been a fast 7 weeks in the studio and we only have 2 more. How many major works? At least one across the board – maybe… Hope we can have a SPECTACULAR week artists – 4 days for me – 5 for you!

#13 Each generation gets to reinvent art in its own image. Because art is an act of description, it is inevitable that what it describes will reflect every generation’s bias of the moment. It is not a strict reflection of a time but an interpretation rendered in a language that is always in a state of transformation. Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School Kara Walker:

Art 21 Starting Out

Drawing: Hair today and faces tomorrow!

1.1Ac: Individually or collaboratively formulate new creative problems based on student’s existing artwork.

How is the Hair Line and DIRECTION of hair a different feature to draw than any other feature of the head? Please explain your ideas here.

GREAT HAIR MAN! http://rapidfireart.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/how-to-draw-realistic-hair-featured-RFA-comp-534×280.jpg

What successes did YOU have today? What do you hope to do with the hands and face in the upcoming drawing?

Studio Art 360: Still Life – SHOES and MORE Shoes!

10.1P: Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas.

Look back at your THUMBNAIL drawings… Which type of composition do you feel you are going to use? What are TWO things that have changed about your composition from the THUMBNAIL STAGE.

Shoes – Converse ALL Stars: https://img00.deviantart.net/9dc1/i/2007/123/8/8/converse_by_its_a_carly.jpg

Looking at the THUMBNAIL again and the DRAWING – What positive changes or negative changes have come from the process of drawing?

AP Studio Art: Critique Day is HERE – You had BETTER be ready!

Reflect: Learning to think and talk with others about an aspect of one’s work or working process, and learning to judge one’s own work and working process and the work of others.

Today is a final crit with Peregrine Honig. Are you READY to share your work and ideas? I hope so.

Peregrine Honig: Artist and Arts Advocate – Changing the world with her art. http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/kcur/files/styles/medium/public/201307/20130719Southerland0006.JPG

What 3 things did you take away from today’s critique? If you didn’t go today you are on TOMORROW!

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