The End Has Come – #PleinAir #Paint #Draw on your own

That’s it folks… Summer School is OVER. I am really happy with the work that has been created over the past four weeks. I would venture to bet, if I were a betting man, that this was the most work some of you have done in the shortest period of time. That tells me that one needs to make a LOT of art and not focus on ONE work… well… in some cases make a lot of work but in other cases… persistence and sticktoitiveness is important.

I think about the Studio Habits of Mind as the artists were out there and appreciate all the work that was demonstrated. I am curious about how those thoughts and ideas stuck with the young artists as they worked out in the real world. Developing Craft, Observing, Reflecting,  and Engaging and Persisting are some that really stand out to me as being some of the habits that really stood out. All of the SHoM, if the artists were to sit back and really look at the ideas they were working with, were with them everyday – and to see the development in all the artists is a great thing to see. Now… did all the artists take away the same level of learning, experience, development… of course not. But they all did take some away.

This link will take you to see the many photographs that were made during the 4 weeks of Plein Air Art in the Waterford (and Spring Green) area from this past summer. Enoy.

PLEIN AIR STATE FAIR OPPORTUNITY – If you are interested – and I hope some of you are – the Wisconsin State Fair is having their SECOND Plein Air Art Opportunity. The cost is $35 and you get 4 tickets to the fair. You need to supply you own materials and the day is yours to paint. You DO need to have something to show – framed and ready to share – but this is a GREAT resume builder and day to paint. READ THE RULES and be ready to PAINT!

PDF Information HERE

Entry Form HERE


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