One more day at the WI State Fair and Plein Air Painting

Thank you Larry Wynn at East Coast Concessions for the commission in painting the award winning concession stand at the WI State Fair. There were (what seemed to me) millions of toys and inflatables and stuffed animals and poop emoji hats. Earlier in the week a couple of kids stopped at my easel and told me I should incorporate a Pokemon into my paintings. I listened, laughed, and then said “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.” Well… I think I painted about 20 Pikachu’s. Thanks to all the conversation and teachable moments to the kids (and adults). Persistence, working through the materials, envisioning the results long before they are visible were all aspects that I spoke to my audience about. 8 hours of painting – all in this 18″ x 24″ finished work “Natalie and Katie at East Coast Concessions at the WI State Fair.”

Plein Air Art Show at WUHS

Although it looks like the floor of the gallery is about to be stripped and re-waxed, here is a walk through of the hard work by our 8 artists. Great work everyone!

The End Has Come – #PleinAir #Paint #Draw on your own

That’s it folks… Summer School is OVER. I am really happy with the work that has been created over the past four weeks. I would venture to bet, if I were a betting man, that this was the most work some of you have done in the shortest period of time. That tells me that one needs to make a LOT of art and not focus on ONE work… well… in some cases make a lot of work but in other cases… persistence and sticktoitiveness is important.

I think about the Studio Habits of Mind as the artists were out there and appreciate all the work that was demonstrated. I am curious about how those thoughts and ideas stuck with the young artists as they worked out in the real world. Developing Craft, Observing, Reflecting,  and Engaging and Persisting are some that really stand out to me as being some of the habits that really stood out. All of the SHoM, if the artists were to sit back and really look at the ideas they were working with, were with them everyday – and to see the development in all the artists is a great thing to see. Now… did all the artists take away the same level of learning, experience, development… of course not. But they all did take some away.

This link will take you to see the many photographs that were made during the 4 weeks of Plein Air Art in the Waterford (and Spring Green) area from this past summer. Enoy.

PLEIN AIR STATE FAIR OPPORTUNITY – If you are interested – and I hope some of you are – the Wisconsin State Fair is having their SECOND Plein Air Art Opportunity. The cost is $35 and you get 4 tickets to the fair. You need to supply you own materials and the day is yours to paint. You DO need to have something to show – framed and ready to share – but this is a GREAT resume builder and day to paint. READ THE RULES and be ready to PAINT!

PDF Information HERE

Entry Form HERE


#SummerSchool is HERE! As is #PleinAir #Art!

Welcome to the SUMMER and to the Plein Air Art Course at WUHS! We are off to a GREAT START with 8 students taking the opportunity to get some painting and drawing in for the next 4 weeks. We talked a bit today about the process of going out and painting and then we did just that. Watercolors were the first day’s medium (and first week for that matter) and we will talk technique Tuesday – and then PAINT! Hope for NO RAIN!

I need a couple of permission slips to get off campus so… please use the FORM BELOW if you are one of the three parents who need to enter information! THANKS!


#HelloSummer! #PleinAirPainting on June 13!


Welcome to summer vacation. It has been a great school year with a lot of incredible artworks being made. There was a lot of artwork left in the studio last week and, against my better judgement (or best judgement) I am going to let it all stay in the room for the weeks of the summer school painting class.

Plein Air painting is going to be a great painting activity. We are going to be doing a lot of work from Watercolors to acrylics to pastels – maybe even a print or two. NEW MATERIALS WEEKLY and then… YOU get your choice of materials! Woo Hoo! I am in the works of speaking with the Taliesin Preservation Organization in Spring Green, WI and looking forward to a long day of driving, touring, painting, drawing, and a brown bag lunch and dinner on the way home.


If you have any art questions – high minded questions, basic technique questions, purchasing of easels or anything else… let me know!

Mr. Korb

#LastDayOfClass with the #PleinAirPainting class at #Waterford #HighSchool #WI

Plein Air Painting: Last day out there! What are you doing? How do you WRAP IT UP?

  • NVAS: 7.1P: 6.1P: Analyze and describe the impact that an exhibition or collection has on personal awareness of social, cultural, or political beliefs and understandings.
  • Question to begin with: Yesterday you thought about how your 4 weeks of painting have changed your views, maybe even enhanced your view of Waterford. As you continue through the art making experiences, I hope that the “artist’s eye” has really begun to open up in you. No question today… no deep reflection right now… just take an opportunity to consider that idea of “artist’s eye.” I think about it in how we, as artists, see the world through a different set of lenses than others. Please continue working through your painting today and look through those “artist’s eyes.” I lied… How are you seeing things differently today than you were 4 weeks ago.

Thank you for ALL your hard work over these past 4 weeks. Continue to be focused and WORK on your WORK. There is nothing better than working on work to get better at making work. You have all had great successes as well as aspects of the work that has been, well, not so successful – failure may be the better word.

#Wednesday and #PleinAir #Painting – #Resolution

Plein Air Painting

Michael Pintar painting: watercolor on Paper:
  • NVAS: 7.1P: Hypothesize ways in which art influences perception and understanding of human experiences.
  • Question to begin with: How have you changed your views of Waterford and the surrounding areas over the past four weeks? Please explain your answer. How do you feel your VIEWERS will think about Waterford based on the images you have created? Why?

End of the Day (CLASS) Reflection (use Google Drive to answer this one): TONIGHT… Think about ALL that we have done these past four weeks. Stop and consider EVERYTHING that you have learned from these experiences. I am concerned about the experiences and opportunities you have had, taken, made, experienced… all of it. With a one page paper (Google Drive: Share it with, 12 point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, Standard Margins) and write out three paragraphs. First paragraph – is about all that you were hoping to learn and experience in the course. Second paragraph is about WHAT you REALLY learned and experienced (allow yourself to use you past reflections and writing as well as examples of artwork from your body of work to better explain yourself). Final paragraph is a concluding statement – what you hope to continue doing, using, experimenting, exploring, etc… with your artwork. It doesn’t matter if you EVER paint en plein air again, this experience is going to put you over the top! Top of the paper – CENTERED and BOLD – type: Your First and Last name and then under it type Artist’s Statement. Like this:

#Tuesday and #NoRain – I HOPE…

Plein Air Painting: On Your Own Painters

Thomas Buchs Plein Air Painting:
  • NVAS: 7.1P: Hypothesize ways in which art influences perception and understanding of human experiences.
  • Question to begin with: What three things do you see about the beginning of you LAST painting as successful? WHY? What are two things you need to REALLY focus on today? WHY? What is ONE thing you hope to accomplish today while you are out and about painting? WHY? How will ANY of this drive you forward in the creation of your work?

End of the Day Reflection (use the back of this page for more reflection space): Analyze the ELEMENTS That you are setting up as being the emphasis of your painting. How would you use sentences to DESCRIBE how you are using those elements to create a successful composition? WHY does that work for you?  SECONDLY – REFLECT on your thoughts from yesterday about WHY you took  / WHAT you were hoping to learn from this course. Now… at this point in the course, what HAVE you learned / taken away / appreciated / other thoughts about the course and YOUR WORK – your learning. WEDNESDAY NIGHT’S HOMEWORK – Write up a ONE PAGE (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point). You can create it in GOOGLE DRIVE and SHARE it with me… or bring it printed. Google Drive is BEST though. I can make changes, edit, proof, format it… Let me know if you have questions.

#Week4 #PleinAirPainting #WaterfordPleinAirPainters

Plein Air Painting: You are ON YOUR OWN!

Check out the Plein Air Painters at

Spotlight on Tony Robinson today! Look at hos brush strokes! Look at his use of COLOR! Look at the Shapes!

  • NVAS:2.1P: Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.
  • Question to begin with: Thinking on LAST WEEK’S ONE Acrylic Painting (now stop and really think about it) – SERIOUSLY – what are the biggest challenges you had with the ONE painting? Write out 3 things you were challenged with and then take the time to write out how you solved the issues. 3 things… 3 solutions… How will you use that as you move into the LAST FEW DAYS of painting?
Tony Robinson, Oil on panel 12″ x 9″. Noordwijk Schilderfestival, Netherlands, June 2015.

End of the Day Reflection (use the back of this page for more reflection space): Describe what you have in your painting. Take the time to LIST everything that you have in today’s work. This is going to help you get some good reflection going here. SECONDLY – To begin with an artist statement: What are two things that you were / are hoping to take away / learn from these four weeks of class. This is in complete sentences and have an opening statement and supporting sentences to back it up. (Use the BACK of this page to write this out. This will be TRANSFERRED to digital / computer at the end of the week.)

#PleinAirPainting – End of Week 3

What a GREAT 3 weeks we have had. One week to go – one more painting. While we were able to get a painting a day (for the most part done with watercolors, the acrylics seem to take a lot longer. I am VERY proud of the work of my students. The work they have been producing, the lessons they are learning, the techniques they are experimenting with. Successes and failures abound, but in the end, the experiences are why these five are taking the time out of their valuable (and fun filled) summer. Thanks all!

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