#Week4 #PleinAirPainting #WaterfordPleinAirPainters

Plein Air Painting: You are ON YOUR OWN!

Check out the Plein Air Painters at http://pleinairartists.ning.com/group/wisconsinpleinairpaintersassociationwipapa

Spotlight on Tony Robinson today! Look at hos brush strokes! Look at his use of COLOR! Look at the Shapes!

  • NVAS:2.1P: Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.
  • Question to begin with: Thinking on LAST WEEK’S ONE Acrylic Painting (now stop and really think about it) – SERIOUSLY – what are the biggest challenges you had with the ONE painting? Write out 3 things you were challenged with and then take the time to write out how you solved the issues. 3 things… 3 solutions… How will you use that as you move into the LAST FEW DAYS of painting?
Tony Robinson, Oil on panel 12″ x 9″. Noordwijk Schilderfestival, Netherlands, June 2015. http://pleinairartists.ning.com/photo/bar-on-hoofdstraat-noordwijk?context=user

End of the Day Reflection (use the back of this page for more reflection space): Describe what you have in your painting. Take the time to LIST everything that you have in today’s work. This is going to help you get some good reflection going here. SECONDLY – To begin with an artist statement: What are two things that you were / are hoping to take away / learn from these four weeks of class. This is in complete sentences and have an opening statement and supporting sentences to back it up. (Use the BACK of this page to write this out. This will be TRANSFERRED to digital / computer at the end of the week.)

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