#Tuesday and Korb is #AWAY – Focus on the Work! Get Lots Done!

“A dream only becomes overrated when not pursued by the dreamer.” ― Courtney Hickman 

Drawing: Self-Portraits

How does Mrozinski use the same ideas in his VERY DIFFERENT works? How can YOU? http://static1.squarespace.com/static/50f97253e4b0df5f098642b6/51fdee84e4b093af09e25745/51fdeee9e4b0398b3637a348/1427653862545/Big+Mama.jpg?format=750w


  • 11.1Ac: Utilize inquiry methods of observation, research, and experimentation to explore unfamiliar subjects through art-making.
  • What skills from all of your works of art from this year REALLY stand out in your mind?

Reflection: What was ONE accomplishment you made this year in the process of  making art that you will be able to reflection in 10 weeks and remember? How have you felt about the PROCESS and MEANING in the making of art? 

Studio Art 360: The Grid

Andy Warhol at the Milwaukee Art Museum: http://artknowledgenews.com/files2009b/Andy_Warhol_Strangulation.jpg


  •  7.1Ac: Recognize and describe personal aesthetic and empathetic responses to the natural world and constructed environments.
  • What is the PRODUCT Advertisement that you brought in today and how does that company use color to represent it? What is the OPPOSITE of that color Scheme?

Reflection: What color scheme are you using for your composition and, more importantly – WHY? 

HERE’s where were headed with this! Andy Warhol at MoMA.

AP Studio Art: Collaboration

Senior Exhibition? https://napawf.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/cywc.throughoureyes.jpg


  • 1.1 Ad: Visualize and hypothesize to generate plans for ideas and directions for creating art and design that can affect social change.
  • How are you using this project as a COLLABORATIVE idea to communicate BIGGER ideas than individual CONCENTRATION projects from your AP Work?

Reflection: What happened today? Write down your best thoughts from today’s work that you might be able to incorporate into an artist statement. 

Advanced Drawing: Individualized

Group of Works: http://media.creativebloq.futurecdn.net/sites/creativebloq.com/files/images/2014/03/archist.jpg


  • 7.1Ad: Analyze how responses to art develop over time based on knowledge of and experience with art and life.
  • How has this idea of a SERIES challenged you? Name 3 things that are important to you about the work you are creating. 

Reflection: You shared a bit today… What did you take a away from the 1) conversation and then 2) WORK TIME?

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