#Tuesday and #WORK on #ART

Here are the top 10 lessons learned from Sara’s Blakely’s journey from fax machine saleswoman to entrepreneurial superstar:

3)      Don’t share your fragile idea with the world too soon.  Sara kept her idea of making a fabulous new undergarment for women under wraps for an entire year while working on developing the prototype.  Only after she was 100% committed to it and ready to launch, did she sit her friends down and explain her new direction.  Sara explains that ideas are vulnerable, fragile things.  Wait until you’re completely read to move forward before you share it with people. Meaning well, they’ll shoot it down, offering all the reasons why it won’t work.  But when they do,  you’ll be ready to deal with it.

4)      Don’t take no for an answer. Sara reached out to slews of manufacturers and lawyers to help her patent her idea and create a successful prototype.  In every conversation she had with potential manufacturers, she was asked three questions: 1) Who are you? 2) Who are you with? 3) and Who is backing you?  When the answers to these three questions remained, “Sara Blakely,” no one wanted to take a chance on her, until one manufacturer called her back and said “OK.”  Why? Because he had gone home and told his daughters about the idea, and they said, “It’s brilliant!”


Drawing: MUSIC and ART!

Kandinsky MOTIF – What is it? http://www.wassilykandinsky.net/images/works/370.jpg


  • 7.2Ac: Evaluate the effectiveness of an image or images to influence ideas, feelings, and behaviors of specific audiences.
  • As this develops, how are your ideas and Kandinsky’s similar and how are they different? What might you take away from this experience? How can you share that idea with the world?

Reflection: As this work develops, how are your ideas and Kandinsky’s similar and how are they different? WRITE this out from the beginning of the hour. Has it Changed? 

Studio Art 360: Sculpture

Coke Bottles – TODAY! http://www.scottzagar.com/arthistory/images_gallery/766_coke_t.jpg


  • 10.1P: Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas.
  • Page back through your first weeks of the sketchbooks and take a look at what  you have done so far. What are three things you are struggling with when it comes to drawing? What are three things you see as strengths in your skills?

Reflection: What three things can you do / are you going to do to to enhance your sketchbook drawing for next week’s grade?

AP Studio Art: 

Picasso’s Planning Stages – Guernica! http://juddtully.net/wp-content/uploads/picasso_sb_2.jpg


  • 3.1Ad: Reflect on, re-engage, revise, and refine works of art or design considering relevant traditional and contemporary criteria as well as personal artistic vision.
  • What has this LAST batch of images helped you LEARN as an artist?

Reflection: We’re going to create one more SOLID SET of CONCENTRATION BEGINNING NEXT WEEK. Think about the FIRST works you created and the LAST work we are wrapping up this week. WHERE have you TRULY GROWN in the development of your work

Advanced Drawing: 50 Sheets of Paper!

Fred Stonehouse The Taste of Failure: https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/fred-stonehouse-the-taste-of-failure.jpg
Fred Stonehouse The Taste of Failure: https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/fred-stonehouse-the-taste-of-failure.jpg


  •   2.2Ad: Demonstrate understanding of the importance of balancing freedom and responsibility in the use of images, materials, tools, and equipment in the creation and circulation of creative work.
  • What are TWO THINGS that you have successfully done to develop this and begin to solve this very challenging PERSONAL JOURNEY?

Reflection: How has THE PROJECT art students want really helped you grow as an artist?

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