#Finally #Friday on the #Studio. #PlansForTheWeekend?

10 Things Creative People Do By: Randy Taran

1. Listen In: Listen to your intuition and capture your new ideas. Whether from your morning shower, nighttime dreams, when running, in the car, or in nature, keep an idea notebook and jot it down.

and ALL 10

AP Studio Art: Concentration!



  •  2.3Ad: Demonstrate in works of art or design how visual and material culture defines, shapes, enhances, inhibits, and/or empowers people’s lives.
  • What is happening in your classmates work that you are truly glad to see happening? Write that out and then take a moment to give them encouragement and support.

What’s on your plate for the weekend? What have you got to work on? Website? Artwork? Job? 

Advanced Drawing: Composition and Meaning of a PAPER BAG.



  • 1.2Ad: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices, following or breaking established conventions, to plan the making of multiple works of art and design based on a theme, idea, or concept.
  • How are you doing in the process? Where are you pleased? Where are you still struggling? BE SPECIFIC HERE! P.S. … SWITCH SPOTS – Nobody sits next to somebody you did yesterday!

What did MOVING to a different spot do for you today? More focused? Different focused? See if the weekend can get you back on track.

Drawing: Color, Shape, Meaning, and MUSIC!

By The Way… Share your STILL LIFE DRAWINGS by visiting them HERE.

Kandinsky at MAM – HERE

How can you use pastels? https://oilpastelsbymary.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/sunset-bursting-rays-final.jpg


  •  2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • What did you learn about the pastels from YESTERDAY’s experiments? What can you do today do you think? Share your thoughts with the class.

What did you find interesting about YOUR images and what did you find interesting about your neighbors? 

Studio Art 360: Drawing of the Still Life

How’s your studio space? http://nicolsonartanddesign.wikispaces.com/file/view/Serena-Mignani-Imago-Orbis3.jpg/416391612/640×380/Serena-Mignani-Imago-Orbis3.jpg


  • 1.1P: Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.
  • Looking at the DRAWING what are you going to FOCUS ON today to resolve the drawing for Monday?

This is the last day of working on these drawings… where do you see yourself having a HIGHLIGHT in the drawing? Where do you see the CORE of the SHADOW? Where are the Midtones (lights and shadows)? Write out some SPECIFIC examples! 

COMPOSITIONS? Looking for a refresher? Let’s Look HERE!

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