#Exams for #2014 and End of Year #survey

BEFORE I BEGIN, if you’d like to earn a bit of extra credit… please take a moment to fill out the following survey about Mr. Korb and the courses…


The school year is over and it is time for exams. This is where the true test of what has been learned is put in front of us… or is it? In the course of the school year, our students have worked very hard and proven the abilities that they have time and again. Skills were developed. Problems solved. Artworks made. Failures happened. What to learn about it all? While we do need to have that final exam to put a cap on the year, the real learning will not be proven until many years down the road. As a teacher, I often do not get to see that. Regardless, I know that many of the life lessons taught in the classroom are put to use later in life. Whether I see it or not.

To the graduates – congratulations on the completion of a portion of your trip. The road that lies ahead is a very different one than the one you are leaving. For the underclassmen – I look forward to the upcoming years and know that the larger lessons that are yet to be learned will be learned and put to use – later. Remember to continue setting those goals and reaching for them. Those goals and dreams you write out are the ones you are more likely to reach. Interact and think about all that you hope to accomplish!


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