#WHSoc20 and #Feedback from the #SchoolYear

Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray – What a GREAT view of your community. Thanks Taylor for doing your part in making my school year one of the BEST ones yet! Mr. Korb!

Sunday night and I sit in the family room eating my popcorn, sitting back and watching the Tony Awards with my daughter. She’s beginning her first day of summer vacation with rehearsals for her show choir and I begin my first days of summer vacation in 3 days… oh well. My blog may take a hit as the summer begins, fewer posts yes, but more specific to educational topics versus the “Day to Day” stuff that happens in my classroom

It was a great year (give or take 5.5% of it) and I begin by thanking my students. Now that is not some trite comment that “every teacher says to their classes,” but is TRULY who I owe my thanks to. Yes, many great things have happened that were not necessarily on behalf of the direct actions of my students: ASCD Presentation in Los Angeles (via this website and my good friend and collaborator Janie Pollock), University of Melbourne, Australia Presentation (again… this website and Janie Pollock), EXCITING trip to Washington D.C. for National Teacher’s Appreciation Social (Thank you to Dr. Jill Biden and her staff), development of #WHSoc20 with the other 20 teachers from the Washington D.C. trip, new construction of a gallery space in our school to highlight the  the importance and elevate the standing of the visual arts in our society… and I could REALLY go on.

With all that I have been able to accomplish, all the highlights, it is the writing of my students (and the artwork) that really makes me proud. I provide a survey at the end of the year for kids to offer me feedback about my courses, lessons, classroom practices, and the like. I was surprised by a few of the responses and not surprised by others. The ones that REALLY stood out were less about me and more about what the kids took away from the courses. Those are what I share with you below. Please… if you have read this far, take the time to read even further… offer me YOUR feedback and I will share it with them.

Lastly, Wednesday, June 11 at 8:00pm CST on Twitter using #WHSoc20 you can join the conversation about the BEST ASPECTS of THIS year from a number of educators from across the country. We all met at the White House this spring and are doing what we can to spread the great news and practices in education… I hope you can join us…

Students Comments:

Q: Is there anything about this class that frustrates you?

  • The only thing that frustrates me is that I can’t be in art class all day.
  • It doesn’t have anything to do with Mr. Korb but it does with some of the students. Some of them are so disrespectful to each other and to the supplies they are given. It’s ridiculous.
  • That it is over.
  • there can be conflicts in what he see and i see and we
  • can butt heads on somethings
  • Only that I won’t be in class anymore [Insert Tears here.
  • Sometimes it feels like there is a lot of work put on me for projects.
  • Nothing really frustrates me, I like the fact that Mr. Korb gave us the opportunity to pick what we wanted to do for the projects.
  • that I can’t really take your great class (This one struck me with a 🙂 because I think she [Kira Baird – contact me at my email address, I’d love to talk!] is from NYC.

I wanted to go through more of the questions but… I will be saving them for the next post – Q: What do you like best about this class and / or teacher?

Thank you ALL for taking my classes and allowing me the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD for another year… Please send me your comments and thoughts! Subscribe and share the idea to subscribe. I have plans to share a lot this summer as I work on two articles on education and all that I have done and what can be done in the classroom… any classroom.


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