Losing our tolerance for vulnerability… we move away from… creativity. — Brené Brown

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Mistakes? Enjoy!
Making Mistakes on TED Radio Hour… Listen while we work today?

Art Foundations: 2 Point Perspective – SOLID DRAWING TODAY!

Oldenburg’s Lipstick Drawing – Click on the image to visit the Oldenburg van Bruggen Website!


  1. Create 2 point perspective drawings that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to technique and process(P).
  2. Create 2 point perspective and Value drawing that uses COMPOSITION to solve visual challenges.

Review with neighbors the progress of the chiaroscuro and the proper use of 2 point perspective. What are the big challenges you are facing with the buildings?

Advanced Drawing: 2 Point OIL PASTEL Drawing – SOLID DRAWING TODAY!

Oil Pastels with a lot of TEXTURE and MOVEMENT… What’s going on in YOUR Drawing?


  1. 3.2 apply ideas of perspective and oil pastel techniques use skill to solve visual challenges

What colors have you been focusing on in the drawing with? What are you doing to cover the space and BE AWARE of the materials you are using? How are you struggling?  

AP Studio Art: Website, Editing Images and Ideas…

30 degrees and make the photo!


  1. 5.3 Describe meanings of artworks by analyzing
  2. NETS: use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively

What are you struggling with when it comes to PHOTOGRAPHY and WEBSITE design?

2 Replies to “Losing our tolerance for vulnerability… we move away from… creativity. — Brené Brown”

  1. Wonderful postings those of today, Frank. !! I do find the most interesting the idea of “making mistakes” and the first rule that could be broken is the one of “perfectionism” not based on the purpose of geetting closer to the idea genrated in ourselves and closer to using the best of potentials, but the one of being afraid of not being at the height of our expectatives, and at the same time being afraid of what other´s will say about it. It is also true that for breaking the rules, it is needed to be able to use them (remember that Picasso´s quote in which is saying that it had costed many decenies of his likfe to bre able to paint like a child. Would love you to show as a teaching groune some pieces where those “rules” have been broken with a ravishing apparition of a real work of art, in meaning, interest and deepness.
    The picture of the landscape is wonderful. It is offering me a sense of flying and not having time to “hold” the perspective in its right course, as if I would be drunk and subjected to an intesifying of colours and textures perceived by some sort of euphoryzing drug.
    Another thing to note is that people should know how architectural construed are many of the daily objects we are using. This one of the lipstick is astonishing. It remembers me the drawings of some war carriages, or autos. I love it .
    Kind regards from Bilbao and thank you so. This blog is splendid y really alive.

    1. Thanks! I will be looking Picasso’s quote up (and I thought it was someone else… Ernst or Klee or someone). I appreciate the insight you bring back to the conversation and I will “quote” some of your thoughts to share with the kids / artists here.

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