Happy Homecoming Day Waterford! Remember where you came from 20 years from now!

Cheerleader Korb - Ready to Cheer!
Cheerleader Korb – Ready to Cheer!
I’ve got spirit! Yes I do! I’ve got spirit! How ’bout YOU?

“We’ve gotten to the point where we think the camera can capture anything at all.” “Well, it can’t really. The camera can’t compete with painting at all. The paintings are much more vivid about the place than photographs are.” – David Hockney, “Modern Painters, “

David Hockney, on his latest inspiration – Yorkshire, Into the Woods,” by: Marina Cashdan, April 2010, p. 66.

Let us go to the studio and PAINT!


Art Foundations – Draw in Continuous Line, Painting Patterns with Watercolor, Assemble Final Artworks

Check out how this artist used VALUE through the use of line. How are YOU doing the same?


  1. (5.3) Describe meaning of artwork by analyzing use of contour line and pattern.
  2. (3.2) apply ideas in art to solve visual challenges.

What types of lines are you in favor of using? Where do you find it easiest to use the idea of contour line to represent the face / form? What sorts of pattern do you think you would like to recreate with the use of WATERCOLOR to represent YOU? Share with your classmates.


Advanced Drawing: Final day to work on PAPER BAG MANNEQUIN drawing – Take it home to finish if you need to.

Last day to check your values and artwork… how’s it gone?


  1. 1.4 RESOLVE and DEFEND the visual challenges you set up using 1.4.2. synthesis (assembling the various parts that build up the up the artwork / subject matter from its basic elements).

What was your plan for the paper bag / mannequin drawing that you began two weeks ago? Did you meet of exceed that goal? Did you fall short? What did you learn and what can you take away and use in the next work?


AP Studio Art: CRITIQUE – What do you need to say about your work? What can you say? What were you TRYING to say? Do you want some help? Check HERE.



  1. (3.3) describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value Orally participate in the discussion of your classmates drawing.
  2. (4.3) compare relationships in visual art in terms of (4.3.2) aesthetics

What did you take away from the critique today? Write down what you have taken from the crit.



1st hour 7:25AM-8:05AM
2nd hour 8:10AM-8:45AM
3rd hour 8:50AM-9:25AM
4th hour 9:30AM-10:05AM
6th hour 10:10AM-10:45AM
5AB hour 10:50AM-11:45AM
A Lunch 10:45AM-11:15AM
B Lunch 11:15AM-11:45AM
C Lunch 11:45AM -12:15PM
5BC 11:20AM -12:15PM
7th hour 12:20PM -12:55PM
8th hour 1:00PM -1:30PM

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