Are you Concrete in your Art? Donald Judd is.

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.” Agnes Martin

Donald Judd LITERALLY used concrete to make his most subtle feelings known.
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Advanced Drawing – Continuous Line Contour Drawings – PORTRAITS

Blind Contour Drawing – Look at the way the figure was handled! Cool Huh?


  1. 2.2 evaluate the effectiveness of artworks.
  2. 5.3 describe meanings of artworks by analyzing 5.3.1 techniques.

What do you feel you need to do over the weekend to make it DONE for Monday? Do you need to do anything? What was you largest accomplishment with this work? Did you learn anything, become more comfortable with anything, understand the importance of anything in the creation of making art?


Art Foundations: PBIS Poster Collection – Line Chapter 4

How did the GRANDFATHER of Abstraction use line in HIS work? What is interesting to you? Why? How can you use the same ideas or approaches?


  1. 5.1 identify the rationale behind making art (PBIS POSTER and the LINE DRAWING)

What did you take away from the various types and qualities of line and how can you use them in your artwork?


AP Studio Art: Wrap up your 3 works that have introduced you to the small introduction to CONCENTRATION.

Lets sit and LOOK at your works together – BRIEFLY. What FREAKS you out about TALKING about your work? Yeah – me too (no not really).


  1. evaluate and defend how 3.5.1 subject matter and 3.5.2 symbols are used in art

What did you take away from the MID to FINAL critique today? Write down what you have taken from the crit. in your Generalization / Comments page today. Give yourself some strong thoughts about the idea of a concentration… what is the biggest challenge you see coming up?

NOTE: Advanced Drawing and AP Artists

Want to develop MORE portfolio works and skills?
Want to develop MORE portfolio works and skills?

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