While the teacher is away, the children will WORK EVEN HARDER!

I am so sorry that I cannot be with you today. I have important meetings all day. This is your opportunity to be REALLY focused on the tasks at hand (and maybe earn cookies for FRIDAY!

REMEMBER“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.” Agnes Martin


Advanced Drawing:

What materials dod this artist use to make this continuous line portrait?


  1. 2.2 evaluate the effectiveness of artworks

What did you see in your neighbor’s drawings that were successful / needed work?


Art Foundations:

What types of LINE did Pablo Picasso use in this drawing?


  1. 1.3 communicate ideas clearly (how are you communicating your PBIS message?)
  2. 2.3 create artworks that solve visual challenges (what techniques, style, approach are you taking with your poster design?)

What were the different types of lines drawings that you worked on today? What are different kinds of lines and what sorts of messages can they communicate to an audience? Talk about all 5 types with your neighbor and write down which type of line you think best describes you and WHY


AP Studio Art:

What is the same about these works? What is different?


  1. 1.1 apply media, techniques, and processes with (1.1.3) an awareness so that your ideas are executed well.

What materials have you challenged yourself with today? What are you struggling with? What are you succeeding with? Share your thoughts with a NEW neighbor… not the same person you go to usually.

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