February 7, 2013 – Thursday

“The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.” —Mack R. Douglas

What do our goals mean to you as we go through the process of working today?


Art Foundations: Pattern and Contour Line Drawings.

Take a look at the CONTOUR of the face. How did she use CONTOUR lines successfully in this work? What is she doing? Hmmmm.


  1. Work on (1.1.1, 3) applying media and techniques with skill and awareness (of HOW you are using line).

What is the most challenging aspect of the portrait / line? What emotions have you chosen to represent yourself? Why? What variety of lines do you hope to use in the process of creating your self-portraits.

Drawing: Value and Grid drawings. One value per square. No more, no less.

Intense use of the same techniques we are using in class – by a professional making a living off his work. How many squares do you think Chuck Close used in this artwork?


  1. (1.4.1) Create and solve visual problems using analysis of the shape and form of the face.
  2. (1.2.3) Create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to process (grid and value generalization).

What is difficult about the process? Make sure your neighbor is correct in the ratio and the measurements. What squares are successful and what squares are not? What is successful and not successful about your neighbor’s drawing?

AP Studio: Concentration Ideas. You have to be productive. Be productive.

How are you focused on the images you are making? How are you going to be working today? WORK TODAY!


  1. (4.2) Describe the purposes and meaning of art within your culture and time.
  2. (4.4.1,2) Evaluate and interpret art for relationships in form and context.

What are your goals for the next work(s) that will show your development?

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