Already #Wednesday – It seems like the week has just begun.

“Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to do that very thing.” — John Andrew Holmes

Drawing: Landscapes and YOU – I hope you gathered the images from outside.

2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.

What kinds of lines did you use YESTERDAY that helped you create the image of a LANDSCAPE? How can you see similarities in the WOLF KAHN from today that you have in YOUR image?

Translating the images from your PHOTOGRAPHS to the paper: Begin with one photograph on NICE drawing paper to start. Begin like yesterday and define the space with 7 lines. Switch to another photograph and do the same. Another photograph so we have 3 going right now.

Long and Slender, Wolf Kahn Painting:

What struggles did you face in the simplification of the images? Wolf Kahn Pastel:

Studio Art 360: Last days to paint.

1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.

What are two things that are helping you EMPHASIZING the idea of  YOU as you create this self portrait?

Jackie by Andy:

How can ART be used to discuss IMPORTANT things in culture? List 3 ways in which you could use art to communicate ideas.

AP Studio Art: Crit among friends.

7.1Ad: Analyze how responses to art develop over time based on knowledge of and experience with art and life.

How has this last concentration trio challenged you? What about it is challenging? 

You Can Make a Difference Today. Your Generosity Will Have a Direct Impact on the Alzheimer’s Community in Greater Los Angeles.
Making MArks on the Page – All about YOU and YOUR MESSAGES:

You had a lot to think about today… What did you take a away from the 1) conversation and then 2) WORK TIME?

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