Friday Without the likes of #MrKorb. #SAD.

Robert Henri: “Advice about your paintings is difficult.  As I said before, I cannot interest myself in whether they will pass juries or not. More paintings have been spoiled during the process of their making, through such considerations, than the judgements of juries are worth.”

Winter Spirit Week Pep Assembly Schedule
1st                 7:25 – 8:05
2nd                8:10 – 8:52 (+2 minutes for announcements)
3rd                8:57 – 9:37
4th                9:42 – 10:22
6th                10:27 – 11:07
5A   Class      11:12 – 11:35
5AB Class      11:12 – 12:03
5BC Class      11:40 – 12:31
5C   Class      12:08 – 12:31
7th                12:36 – 1:16
8th                1:21 – 2:01
Pep               2:06 – 2:46

5A  Lunch      11:07 – 11:35
5B  Lunch      11:35 – 12:03
5C  Lunch      12:03 – 12:31

Drawing: Books and Oil Pastels – LAST DAY OF CRITIQUE!

3.1Ac: Engage in constructive critique with peers, then reflect on, re-engage, revise, and refine works of art and design in response to personal artistic vision.

What do you feel about talking aloud when it comes to other’s works? What are your thoughts about why you may be apprehensive or confident when discussing other individual’s work?

Critique About Art:

What were 3 things that you took away from today’s critique? 

Studio Art 360: Drawing Pencils – The many levels of GREY.

G: 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.

What do you see about the use of thumbnail drawings as a strong starting point for the artist as they develop their initial ideas? Why more than one? Why more than 2?

Sphere and Polyhedron Value Changes Chiaroscuro
Sphere and Polyhedron Value Changes Chiaroscuro

How are you moving forward as you are developing the preliminary drawings as you consider the final drawings.

Advanced Drawing: Fast Food – Time to REVISIT this or SKETCHBOOKS – MASTERPIECES!

7.2Ad: Determine the commonalities within a group of artists or visual images attributed to a particular type of art, timeframe, or culture.

Today – I am gone. You are going to have an opportunity to work on your BIG BOOK OF SKETCHES or RESOLVE ANY ISSUES in your FAST FOOD DRAWING you may have. Which drawing from the packet are you focusing on today? Why this one in particular?

Richard Diebenkorn : Seated Woman:
Richard Diebenkorn : Seated Woman:

What part of your drawing worked out really well for you today? What did you struggle with in your drawing?


Ergophobia: Fear of Deadlines:



CHAPTER 6 Due FRIDAY at 11:59.

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