#Artmaking in the #ArtStudio – Coming up on the End of the Quarter – #WHAT?

Art is the product of process. “Whether conceptual, experimental, emotional, or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce. The materials you choose, the methods of production, and the sources of the images should all reflect the interests that command your attention. The process does not stop with each work completed. It is ongoing. The cumulative result of that process is a body of work.”– Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School

We are coming upon the end of the quarter and grades will be finalized soon. Take a moment and look back on your rubrics, sketchbook assignments and thoughts about the artworks to see if there are things you’d like to revisit and demonstrate a greater MASTERY LEVEL. Please list and explain 3 aspects of your works that you would like to redo or fix to demonstrate that learning.

Studio Art 360: Still Life Drawing

Look back at your THUMBNAIL drawings… Which type of composition do you feel you are going to use? What are TWO things that have changed about your composition from the THUMBNAIL STAGE.

A still life is chall;enging – check out the VALUES and FORMS! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_PrG50iuNFK0/SxS501MvyiI/AAAAAAAAAL4/jF5L2eilTSU/s1600/Composition-+three+planes.jpg

Looking at the THUMBNAIL again and the DRAWING – What positive changes or negative changes have come from the process of drawing?

Painting: Watercolor PAINT!

Looking over the work you have, what surprises do you see from where you started? Stronger than you expected? Weaker? EXPLAIN! I will be asking you about Georgia O’Keefe’s work on Friday – anything stand out today? Keep an eye on her work as the week progresses.

O’Keefe – Let’s look at her work ove rthe week. http://www.artexpertswebsite.com/pages/artists/artists_l-z/okeefe/O’Keeffe_EveningStarNo.V1917.jpg

What ELEMENT of art do you find being the strongest one that you are using? Color? Line? Shape? Form? Space? 

Drawing: Crit and Kandinsky

Looking at the still life in front of you, what is the one aspect of it that you are most pleased with? Why are you so pleased with how you handled the materials and composition?

What can you say about your work? http://www.artic.edu/sites/default/files/styles/slideshow_scale/public/cal_TP_crit_360.png?itok=AhqbYJZS

What was it that you took away from today’s critique? How did you contribute to the success of the conversation?

AP Studio Art: Crit and Concentration

Time to CRITIQUE your “Work of Art” images. How are using the ideas of the rubric to push yourself – develop your ideas – Improve your work.

Abdi and his WORKS – What’s the Critique? http://www.allartnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Work-of-Art-winner-Abdi-Farah-installs-his-Brooklyn-Museum-show.jpg

As you look back on the development of your composition, what are especially satisfied about? What are 3 things that you feel are successful compositionally? What did you add to the critique? 

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