#Sketchbook #Tuesday in the #Art #Studio (#Perspective)

Ten Things You MUST Give Up To Move Forward – Stephen Covey

Drawing: Thumbnails and Composition!

Boxes and Objects – perspective, sighting in – Insode Outside Space… http://payload132.cargocollective.com/1/8/267741/4958137/06%20Drawing%20on%20Paper%20-%20Boxes_905.jpg


  • 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • Most young artists work with their FIRST idea and that’s it. What might the benefit be to begin with MORE ideas?

Reflection: What skills, tools, ideas, compositional ideas do you hope to come up with this year in Drawing? What do you feel you will be able to improve on regarding the skills you have currently? 

Studio Art 360: Sketchbook!

Tony Smith Sculpture at the Matthew Marks Gallery. NYC. http://1vze7o2h8a2b2tyahl3i0t68.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Smith_2015-NYC_Installs_01.jpg INTERVIEW from ARTnews.


  • 10.1P: Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas.
  • What is the difference between shape and form? There are a FEW OTHER terms we are going to cover in the book – terms that help up TALK about art. 

Reflection: What is the benefit of taking the time to KNOW about 1 and 2 point perspective as an Artist?

AP Studio Art: Art and Fear – DUE THURSDAY!

FEAR your ART! AAARGHHHH! http://cdnstatic.visualizeus.com/thumbs/7b/c5/art,fear,horror,photography,baby,atmosphere-7bc5d916aaa91183f908487153e43575_h.jpg


  • 2.1Ad: Experiment, plan, and make multiple works of art and design that explore a personally meaningful theme, idea, or concept.
  • Step back from your work and examine it from a distance. What is SUCCESSFUL about the composition? N: Reflect on deepening your ideas about the work. 

Reflection: Look at page 30 in your folder. What are you doing as an ARTIST (use the Habits of an artist) to make your work strong?

Advanced Drawing: Fast Food Nation.

Audrey Flack – REALISM – For you? Maybe not yet. http://www.audreyflack.com/af/photorealism/2.jpg


  • 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • What has been the hardest part of using values for you? Share this with your neighbor and write your struggles in your goals page.

Reflection: How is the progress of the thumbnails going thus far? What are you doing successfully? Where are you struggling? Have you come up with a composition that you can GLUE DOWN on the WHITE ILLUSTRATION BOARD so the ideas are the same tomorrow?

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